Happy birthday Josh!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, January 12, 2015 9:32 AM

Well... soo funny story... Elder Schreiner and I were super sick this
week with fevers and were only able to leave our rooms til saturday.
It was terrible. But ya.. we are better now, thanks to the health
secretary helping us out. It has been good though. I feel a ton better
which is good and same with my companion. It was funny, he said how he
never got sick when he was in the jungle and then he gets sent here
and finally got sick. Felt sad, but just about everyone here in Cerro
gets sick at least once.

So our area is getting tough, just about everyone in our area that we
contact says that they were members at one time of there lives. So
almost everyone in our area is less actives, so we will be working a
lot with them this week..

GUESS WHAT!!!! today we are going out to eat at a restaurant and there
is something called lomo fino which is like juicy steak. And there is
this one restaurant that sells it here that we found. Im gonna buy
it!!!! It will be sooooo good, only problem is, its like 50 soles,
which is like 15 dollars i think.

But yeah that is about it..

Til next week.

Elder Thatcher


Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, January 5, 2015 9:18 AM

Well, Elder Walker left me for the jungle, and now my companion is
Elder Schriener from springville Utah. He was elder walkers companion
in the ccm. It is cool! My third gringo companion in a row. It is
crazy. But ya im still here in cerro freezing!!! But i like it here.
It has been hard trying to find new people... But hermana Patricia, my
convert, is sharing the gospel like crazy and giving us references, so
maybe this week when we contact some of them it will be better. It has
been raining alot. We are just entering cold rainy season. My
pensionista is super worried for me cause i am losing weight, i dont
know why that is happening because i eat my food.

Anyways, just still here in Cerro, Elder Kidd left Cerro as well, he
also left for the jungle. Well Love you all.

Elder Thatcher

Bye elder walker and elder Kidd!!