Half way through the MTC

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Tuesday, June 24, 2014 2:52 PM

Dear family,
This week has been a rollercoaster.. and no i do not mean like shock wave or batman (like the fun ones), i mean the mine train or the judge roy scream where it just jerks you around all the time.. that is what it has felt like for a couple days, then the other days i just feel like im on a spiritual high, like the ride at sixflags where you just cool off? i dont know if you know what i am talking about or not, but anyways i am emailing earlier because the elders all got in trouble because another elders clothes went missing so we got in trouble so all we could do today is go to the temple then come back, we werent allowed to go shopping, but thats ok. Lets see, all the latinos and advanced class left last tuesday and then a new wave of missionaries came in, we only have two latinos now. Its funny cause when we are eating it is just a bunch of gringos now. All the new kids looked scared and nervous there first day, so i probably looked like that. It is crazy to think i only have 3 more weeks but then again i feel like i have been here forever. I like it here, its not cold in lima, its muggy, and the air is nasty because there is a ton of people here and the cars all run on diesel, so the pollution is really bad here. All the other guys that are going to huancayo got sleeping bags, so far i looked at stores for them and have found no luck. Its ok for now though. I have been playing a lot of soccer, everyone picks me first on there team, it makes me feel good. The spanish is coming and going. It seems like when i need it, in lessons and teaching investigadors that i can speak, but in class im just like WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?! so ya we teach two fake investigadors, which is going well, and then my companion and i on friday saturday got asked to teach a real less active that they brought in 15 minutes prior to when they told us, so it was scary. So we went and didnt have much planned, and it has probably been our best lesson yet, she was emotional and crying and she felt the spirit so strongly, and said that she knew that the words coming from us were true. So that really boosted my spirit! oh also, a girl here, that came on tuesday was really down on her self and i knew something was wrong so i went to talk to her and she said that she was about to tell president that she wanted to go home. So i grabbed my companion and we went to teach her lesson, just to see what she would say. and we did it english for her, and she said that she still wanted to go home. So i gave her a comitment to just stay til sunday and if you dont get an answer at church that you should stay here then she can tell president. She didnt like that idea and wanted to go away from us. So as she got up and started walking away from us she turned around and said, "elder thatcher, can you give me a blessing?" so i did, and she stayed til sunday, then i talked to her yesterday and she said thanks for the blessing, and she said she got an answer that this is where she is supposed to be. Im glad i was able to help. Then we got a new district leader this week, it is Elder Simper, he is a great elder. BUt he has bad hives, and he asked me to give him a blessing on saturday! so i did! two blessings in one week! i was nervous about both of them but the spirit just comes out and says the words that need to be said. I love the spirit so much. This week i started jesus the christ, and am on chapter 6 so far, it is a great read so far and i really feel like i am getting a closer friendship with christ by reading it. I also read all of matthew 25 outside near the garden here at the mtc. What a wonderful experience that was to hear those words of christ while enjoying the beutiful nature outside. A lot of people think that just reading the scriptures is good enough, but i found a difference when i read the scriptures in a quiet place away from the scuddle bud of everything, and just read with a good scenery around me. I challenge yall to read this chapter outside at a park near the lake, or just outside away from noise and just enjoy the words of christ. I testify that as you do so, the spirit will make known unto answers to your prayers and liften any burdens that you may have. Its weird, there is this red bird that always is outside of my room, and when i go outside it starts singing all the time, and it isnt scared when we come out. it just stays there. Interesting to me. i hope all is going well. i miss the kids. tell them uncle logan saw a toucan this week! one of teachers has him as a pet, his name is tin-tin the toucan. he is super cool. They wont let us take pictures of him unfortunetly. anyways miss yall!!!!

with many llamas (and tin-tin the toucan), 

And much love,

Elder Thatcher

Oh P.S. apparently in Huancayo they dont speak spanish they speak cetchuwa?! apparently its some language the aliens spoke in star warz in a couple or scenes.. It sounds like some indian tribe language. All i know how to say is "Wa kala fi WaWa", which means hasta la vista bebe!! haha i thought it was funny the way they speak.. Spanish is already hard enough, now i have to learn that language out in the field!!

Week 2 in the MTC

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Wednesday, June 18, 2014 1:10 PM

"Beunas Dias!!!! It is going by so fast here it is crazy!!!! Two weeks already???!!?? SAY WHATT?!? I went from being a beginner here to the CCm to an itermediate today... And i still dont know much spanish.. this past week has been just crazy. like really crazy.. miracles and all.. we have been teaching "fake" investegators for the past week which was good practice, mi compaƱero knows a lot of spanish so we are a good team, I help him with the teaching and he helps me learn spanish. so the lessons were going pretty good, and then on friday night we were invited to go contacting and knocking on doors with the advanced and itermediates as beginers. It was soooo cool and scary at the same time, we left at 1 in the afternoon on saturday to the northern slums of lima and dint return until 8 at night.. it was mind blowing to see the places i went.. i wish we were aloud to take pictures.. we climbed up mountains to peoples little huts and houses and went knocking on doors. I once walked up 575 stairs to a house.. and these are just houses in lima!!!! imagine what it is like in HUANCAYO!!! I was so pumped to go contacting though even though all i can do is great people and say who we are and that we represent Jesus Christ, say prayers, and bear my testimony. So when we went out every Gringo (American) was grouped with a Latino so they could take over the conversations, but it was just sad even just being on the streets, but it made me happy to know that I can help them get closer to the gospel and to there father in heaven. This one guy we knocked on his door and he was repairing his roof so we offered to help him out so we did, then tried to share him a message but he didnt want to hear about it, so we helped and he said we were good boys so he let us teach him. Then after we taught him we were able to get a referral for other missionaries to come back to his house. This guy was a miner and had a ton of cool gems and rocks and gave me some that apparently had gold, silver, zinc and some other elements all combined in it!! I will get a picture of it next week to send it to you, its in my closet right now. So after we taught him we were about to go knock on more doors, but i felt like we needed to go contacting at the park.. There was a ton of families and didnt know where to start because we only had an hour left before we could go back to the church.. Then i saw this man selling candy, and it hit me that we needed to talk to him even though he was busy selling candy. So we went up and i bought some weird candy and then we asked if he would like to talk to us and take a break because he seemed tired. He said sure, and he also said, "i know who yall are... MISSIONARIES.." he yelled it.. So i looked at my companion and was like maybe we shouldnt of done this.. and then he said "tell me why all are soooo great.. because your church is the reason i am alone at my house and selling candy at parks" anyways my companion did all the talking i told him to translate some stuff and apparently his wife and 5 daughters all left him for the church because he had a drinking and pornography problem like 20 years ago. Then i told my companion that its never to late to find his family again, and that there is hope for him to enter into gods presence with his family by him and to be with his family forever. He started crying later and i didnt know what was going on.. but at the end we got his referral to talk to more missionaries, and then at the end of the talking apparently he had prayed this morning that someone will help him get his life in order and he thanked us and said he wasnt going to dringk or look at pornography again, and he said he was making a goal to be worthy to enter the temple so he can be sealed to his family and finally get to see his grandchildren that he still has never met.. it was so sad, but he felt the spirit, i know i did and i dint even say much spanish, or could understand him.. It was really touching and i hope it was a miracle in my life. On the bus home thinking about him it made me realize how much i missed my family, and then i got to my room and got to see my pictures!! =) Im so happy for eternal families and the power it has in peoples lives.
Lima has dogs everywhere!!! just stray skimpy dogs that look like they want to bite you.. I saw at least over 200 dogs that night. at least.. the traffic is crazy, its worse than new york, people just drive into lanes without looking, theres no such thing as a crosswalk, so you just have to look, and they wont stop either! But its ok, i havent had a problem yet.
Yesterday we went to interpol, it was fine, we have to go 2 more times before we leave. Since we were waiting for a long time we got to go to pizza hut after... it was good, but i aint gonna lie.. it was greasy!! im getting used to just eating bread, rice, mystery meat, potatoes, and apples. It aint that bad, but the pizza was still good too, i will take american food anytime..
Today was P day, of course, and this morning we went to the temple, AND I WENT IN THE SPANISH SESSION!!! I had a transloator but it was broken.. so i did spanish, i still feel the spirit even in spanish... what do you know!?! haha. then after we went to a store to get snacks, and then a store right next to it that had soccer stuff. I got 3 soccer jerseys for like 8 dollars each. and they are so nice..
Well the latinos left this morning and the advanced gringos so a lot of my friends left which is sad, but a new wave of missionaries are coming in tonight so thats cool!"

Playing some soccer

all of the flags from the countries of missionaries serving in Peru



playing soccer with some of the missionaries in the district

me and Elder Moreno

Me and elders johanson and enrequez, they left for cuzco today

Me and Rocky Balboa (Elder Farias) He left for lima central today

Me and elder sanchez.. He loves meee, he is super cool and good at soccer

"we live beneath our privelages when we fail to partake of the feast of happiness, peace and joy that God brands so bountifully. We can be satisfied with a diminished experience and settle for experiences far below our privelages... or we can partake of an abundant feast of spiritual opportunity and universal blessings. As you read the scriptures and listen to the words of the prophets with all your mind, the Lord will tell you how to live up to your privelages, and we will be able to do all things through Christ... who stregthens us"

First week in the Peru MTC

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Thursday, June 12, 2014 1:48 PM

Sorry only "20 minutes this tuesday and then next tuesday at 2 i get an hour to talk so sorry. Its been really good here! There are only about 130 missionaries here. So its very small compared to other mtcs. Lets see, on wednesday i was pretty down and sad, just becaused I missed everyone... So ya it was a rough day, but I soon was able to feel the spirit later on that day. Thursday we did a lot of spanish, which is hard.. Friday we did a mix of teaching and spanish classes. Same on Saturday, then sunday was church and it was a long day.... I fell asleep periodically throughout the day.. But so far it has been good. Mi companero´s name is Elder Leonard. He is from colorado. He is way cool. Then in my room there is Elder Simper, Elder Rodreguiez (who is from utah and believe it or not speaks no spanish at all, its kinda funny cause he has a new jersey accent), then Elder Baka, who i knew from EFY which is kinda crazy!? and Elder Pakham (he is loud a lot). But all in all it has been a great experience so far. ...........The food....... its not that bad... but ya... no its pretty bad... its usually eggs and watered down yogurt for breakfast, then lunch is some type of chicken and rice with some sorta weird cooked potatoes, then for dinner... ya i dont even know what it is... its just meat rice and some type of weird soup.. One time I had a bowl of soup with chicken feet in it... wasnt that bad. Today is my Preparation day. We got to go to the temple which was a great experience. It was just rough getting there. They let us take a bus without any leaders and we just get on and get off it cost about 15 cents per person. But the people here are crazy... basically everyone just does what they want when they are driving.. it is soooo scary. But after the temple we got to go to a store and i got some snacks and some inca cola. it was pretty cool, but i just froze up every time people would talk to me in spanish because i have no idea what they are saying. The latinoes here love me since I play soccer with them during physical activity, they call me there favorite gringo since i am pretty good is what they say. Elder Sanchez is from bolivia, and he knows noo english but he is soo good at soccer, but one day his only pair of cargo shorts ripped so he didnt play after that anymore because he didnt have clothes, so i gave him a pair of basketball shorts to have so he can play.. I am pretty sure they are bridgers shorts anyways but oh well, he needed them more than me. and he was so grateful and got on his knees and started crying when i gave them to him.. it was really sweet but not necessary so i told him to stop crying and he did, it made my day to see how happy he was... he would wear them and strut around and say me is the collest soccer payer in de world in these a shors.. haha it was soo funny. It has been hard beening away from family , food, america in general.. and everyday i struggle through the lessons because teachers hardly speak english, but every day at 10:30 when i go to bed somehow i still have a smile on my face knowing that this is where i am supposed to be. I get to teach my first two investigators tomorrow in spanish.. it is gonna be sooo bad... but it is just practice.. we will see how it goes..

My schedule:
6:30 wake up and get ready
7 breakfast
8 Personal study
9 Study
10 teaching lessons
11online practice for spanish
12 lunch
1 companionship study usually
2 more spanish
3 Physical activity, i just play soccer with the latinoes, they help me with my spanish
5-7 teaching (like practice your teaching)
7 dinner
8 a class on the spirit
9 planning
9:30 get ready for bed
10:30 sleep

I miss my bed sooo much.. oh and yes i like Helaman 5:12. I am happy to hear from so many of yall.. its great, im just sorry about time wise.. The other day an elder from peru was leaving on his mission to go to Ecuador, and we all didnt know him that well because he was from peru and i have only been here a week, but right before we went to bed all the Elderes went out in the hall, all of us.. and we sang til we meet again in spanish.. it was such a great experience.. The commorodery was just amazing that night. we were all putting our arms around each other and singing with our hearts.. it was just amazing.. and ironically there was a party right outside the ccm and we could here there music so we tried to sing louder and we did... then eventually they lowered the music down to here what we were singing.. it was soo cool, Elder Leonard, mi compaƱero is from loveland and knows the Prices. Pretty cool. Tell Chris thanks for the verb book. it helps a lot.. its amazing. I dont have everyones email so i can only email back people who send me emails, and i cant send pictures all in one email i dont think.. but anyways.. my time is almost up... Adyos means goodbye but only to people you wont see again, so here they sat chaio...  Love everyone so much, and I am as healthy as can be!

With many llamas,
Elder Thatcher

Elder Leonard

Elder Baka

Elder Simper 

His MTC district 

Elder Rodriguez 

Driving to the temple 

And he's off!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Tuesday, June 3, 2014 11:39 AM

Today Elder Thatcher left home to go to the Peru MTC. Good luck!!

Farewell Elder!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, June 2, 2014 12:49 PM

Logan Thatcher will be serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as a full time missionary teaching others the gospel of Jesus Christ. He will report to the Peru Missionary Training Center Tuesday, June 2nd. He is expected to serve the people of Huancayo Peru for the duration of 2 years.

This blog will help keep his family and friends updated with his mission while he is away. Please don't forget to write Logan while he is away. He would love to hear from you!

Logan's information while he is at the Peru MTC:

Elder Logan MacKay Thatcher
Peru Huancayo Mission
Peru Missionary Training Center
Centro de Capacitacion Missional Av
Melgarejo 159, Urb. Campo Verde
La Molina, Lima 12 PERU

or by email: DearElder ; Peru MTC

Pouch Service:

Elder Logan MacKay Thatcher
Peru Huancayo Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0150

A big thank you to everybody who came to Logan's farewell on Sunday! It was wonderful all the love and support he received before leaving for 2 years. There was a great turned out, and Logan was so appreciative. A message from Logan...

Thanks for everyone who came to my reception! i will miss you all a lot! I have so much love and support from everyone that gives me an over-whelming feeling that i can do this! I can go to Peru for two years for my savior and father in heaven. I am grateful again, and I was right.. the hardest part of leaving is saying goodbye to my friends and even more so my family and my nephews and nieces! It was so hard to say bye to those kids, but i learned that its not goodbye in this mortal life, its simply just an interruption. I can do this..

Caden & Uncle Logan 

Uncle Logan with Owen, William, and Molly 

Wendy, Molly, Logan, Jon, William, and Owen 

Cameron, Logan, and  Chelsea 

Noah, Summer, Connor, Logan, Caden, and Ben 

4 of the 6 brothers - Cameron, Logan, Ben, and Jon 

Logan, Chelsea, Molly, William 

Uncle Logan with 6 of the 10 nephew & nieces