Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, February 22, 2016 4:01 PM

Hey everyone!! This week was very tiring! We had dennis's baptism on saturday! Everything turned out well for that. 

I am super tired, but i learned some interesting things during my personal study this week. For some odd reason i decided to read the book of Ether. Mainly because i didnt understand the purpose of it before. Now I caught some cool things out of it. One, the brother of jared was highly favored by God, but why? He didnt even pray to god for four years, yet he says that his faith was perfect! So that is one, the next thing is about those boats they made, they had to of been made very well, which obviously means they were shown how to make them. But then something cool is, the brother of jared asks about how they will be able to breath, and Jesus tells him to make a whole... just easy like that. But then when he asks him about how they will have light, Jesus responds "well what do you want me to do so you have light"? Interesting. He required a little bit of thinking on the second question. I think its the same with us. we cant just always be asking for every thing so broadly. What is it that we want him to do half the time that we ask for things in our prayers. Maybe we arent being very specific to him, so why would he be specific back?

Thats what i learned so far in my study. This week we have transfers. but its pretty positive that im staying here. I love you guys!!!

Elder Thatcher

whats good!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, February 15, 2016 3:59 PM

This was a very tiring week!!!! So just so yall know, Dennis didnt get baptized because we didnt get back in time. But he will get baptized this saturday! So that is good!!! 

Elder Godoy is very cool!!! I enjoyed a lot of what he said. We talked about the blessings of being a member and one of the things that came to mind was the blessing we have to take the sacrament. And in that exact moment i thought of 3rd nephi ch 20. About being filled with the spirit. It is something that we take for granted most times. 

Well i am super tired!!! My pension had her baby yesterday!!!! That made me happy!!!

Well i love you guys, sorry i have to send inform and numbers right now!!! Love yall!!!

Elder Thatcher

The good life

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, February 8, 2016 3:58 PM

This past week has been hard, lots of traveling, our zone is big, and we have to travel 3 hours to the elders in huancavelica for there baptism interviews. My toe is fine dont worry mom, no problems.

This week is going to be a very hard week...
Today we have to play zone pday
Tuesday we have to give a zone conference
Thursday Elder Goodoy is coming to give a multizone
Friday, all leaders have to travel to huanuco for a leader training, (8 hours traveling)
Saturday i will come back and that night is the baptism of dennis!
Sunday, zone leaders have to have a training from the stake to help get the converts records all ready..

LONG WEEK!!! I am so not ready!!

So something really cool happened to me and my companion this past week. Tuesday we had a  zone leader meeting with all the zone leaders in the mission. Then right after, President came up to us and said "Elders, is it all right if i come to your area for a day tomorrow?" President came with us and taught in our lessons, he stayed the night with us, and he studied with us!!! Cool huh!!! I was nervous but it was actually awesome!! He told me i have changed a lot in my mission, and there was a reason he called me as zone leader, (i still dont see why though). He helped me feel like my purpose was even greater, and that i am getting stronger and stronger in my mission!! I really enjoyed it!!

Well i love you guys!!!

Elder Thatcher

Photos from the zone and sister leader conference!!


Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, February 1, 2016 7:53 AM

Wow im tired!!!! This week has been weird! We had interviews on thursday! Which was really good!!! On saturday i had to get an in-grown toe nail takin out. So that kinda hurt, but all good now! We have just been working hard, We have another baptism on the 13th, a 24 year old guy named denis! He is awesome, just wants to follow christs example so much and he is changing her life a ton! 

Me and my companion go in the morning to play basketball! But now i will have to wait a couple weeks! Im likin it here in huancayo! Hey so i got an email from Elder Kidd! My buddy from cerro! He is getting married next saturday! How crazy is that!!!!!

Well not much more is going on, i read in helaman 11 about the pride circle. Very interesting how pride can just take over our acts. So that is super dumb. I read that chapter and was just like, wow... everyone gets prideful! So how do we change that? I think we can change that by not changing and following the advesary? Anyways all good here! Love yall!!

Elder Thatcher