whats good!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, February 15, 2016 3:59 PM

This was a very tiring week!!!! So just so yall know, Dennis didnt get baptized because we didnt get back in time. But he will get baptized this saturday! So that is good!!! 

Elder Godoy is very cool!!! I enjoyed a lot of what he said. We talked about the blessings of being a member and one of the things that came to mind was the blessing we have to take the sacrament. And in that exact moment i thought of 3rd nephi ch 20. About being filled with the spirit. It is something that we take for granted most times. 

Well i am super tired!!! My pension had her baby yesterday!!!! That made me happy!!!

Well i love you guys, sorry i have to send inform and numbers right now!!! Love yall!!!

Elder Thatcher

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