Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, February 1, 2016 7:53 AM

Wow im tired!!!! This week has been weird! We had interviews on thursday! Which was really good!!! On saturday i had to get an in-grown toe nail takin out. So that kinda hurt, but all good now! We have just been working hard, We have another baptism on the 13th, a 24 year old guy named denis! He is awesome, just wants to follow christs example so much and he is changing her life a ton! 

Me and my companion go in the morning to play basketball! But now i will have to wait a couple weeks! Im likin it here in huancayo! Hey so i got an email from Elder Kidd! My buddy from cerro! He is getting married next saturday! How crazy is that!!!!!

Well not much more is going on, i read in helaman 11 about the pride circle. Very interesting how pride can just take over our acts. So that is super dumb. I read that chapter and was just like, wow... everyone gets prideful! So how do we change that? I think we can change that by not changing and following the advesary? Anyways all good here! Love yall!!

Elder Thatcher

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