tiredddd, y Congrats!!!!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, January 25, 2016 3:56 PM

Congrats to Theodore Elias Thatcher! Im happy to be called your uncle! Number 13 eh? Wow.... I now have 4 nephews and nieces I have never met yet!!!! Guysss hold on!!!!!!! Im almost there!!!! Congrats to Josh and Ainsley! 

So this week was tiring. We had the Baptism for Linda this saturday! She is so smart, she new everything about the gospel and the lessons! And her family came, which is nice!!! 

I honestly dont have too much news for you. On wednesday there was a worldwide missionary broadcast that was pretty cool! Waddel spoke! Which is cool because last july he came to our mission and spoke to us!!! The spirit he brings is unreal!! 

Im super tired, the mission is taking the energy out of me now.... We have some good investigators which is good!!

Love yall!!

Elder thatcher

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