Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, January 11, 2016 8:28 PM

First of all, I want to say how grateful i am for my package that yall sent me!!! It was amazing!! The christmas tree was definetly the best!!! Thank yall so much!! 

This week has been good! Jonathan passed his baptismal interview and will get baptized tomorrow at 6 at night!!! Yayyy!!! 

This week has been very tiiring as we are still working hard. I finished Elder Petersons training yesterday and now transfers are wednesday.... im most likely out of here, but who knows, transfers are weird!! If I do get transfered i will truly miss this paradise! It has  truly been amazing! Not easy though, but has been amazing! Something that my patriarchal blessing tells is i will gain a testimony of gods creations, and let me tell ya, I sure do have a testimony that is strong, about gods creations. This is a beautiful place, and God created it!

Last monday, me and my companion went to a waterfall with a less active named moses. He is a good guy! The waterfall we went to is called gallito de los rocas, which is a waterfall named after the national bird of peru! It was super pretty and the water was so clean. It is incredible to go and to witness these creations made by our father, and to even think that i might be able to do that!!

Its good to hear that Wendy got a new calling as primary president! I have learned that callings help the person more than it helps the others that are involved! Being district leader has really helped me over time, catch and strive to catch and imitate the christlike attributes, i feel like in every calling, if we strive to magnify it, we will be guided in how to do it!

Well love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Thatcher

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