I am a child of God

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, April 27, 2015 4:01 PM

Well ambo has been going pretty good! Elder Caceres and I had a lot of
lessons this week!! We are teaching two kids named jordan and jose
that both have 14. And they both have dates for the 16th of may...
but... the problems....Jordan comes to church and seminary but cant
get permision from his mom because he is under age, and jose has the
permision from his parents but cant come to church sundays because he
has to watch out after his grandmother every sunday. so there are the
problems!!!! Ugh!!!!! But ya we will figure it out!

There arent mailing addresses where i live, the only address i will
ever have in peru is the one that you send my packages too. I live in
a room owned by members. Its a nice room! The nicest I have had in my
mission!! My new companion is awesome!! Im learning to be more helpful
and charitable and just keep working. We used to not get along, but
doing this is really helping our relationship! Elder Caceres is from
peru, from the part, arequipa. For mothers day, i think im just going
to use the same user name that jon gave me for christmas, still dont
know the times, i will let yall know next week.

So some things for yall to research about ambo, i live in a area of
ambo called ayancocha, which means lake of blood!!! A while ago where
i live is where peru and chile had there independence war!! Scary!!
And in the mountains there are caves! Ginormous caves!!!! That lead
underground to brasil!!! Look it up on the internet, the story of ambo
and ayancocha, and the caves of ambo!! Its crazy!!!

So I had to teach sunday school this sunday. I didnt know I had to
teach until 10 min before. Good thing I taught elders quorum before
the mission!!! That helped!!  So basically, I talked about being a
Child of God. I have a question for every one that is reading my
emails. What does that mean to yall?? "A child of God". What kind of
magnitud does that title have for you? I was thinking about it for a
great deal. And one thing I really like is the example i used, If you
were a child of a president, (or in this case to mom, prime minister),
Would you feel powerful? Would you feel like you have a big
responsibility? Would you feel like someone important?? The answer to
most of you would most likely be yes. So then what does that mean to
be a child of God? Thats a title.. Just like being a child of a king
or president. But what are we doing with that calling of being a child
of God? what are our feelings about it? Do we express them? Are we
magnifying that calling as a child of God? I have been thinking about
it a lot.. And it has been comforting me more than ever.. I know my
purpose as a missionary, and I now know my purpose as  a child of God.
I invite you all to find your own purpose as being children of our
heavenly father.

One thing I always love is, Are we acting and serving others the way
Christ would serve? We are followers of christ arent we? So what are
we doing to show it?

I love you all, love you Grandma!! I know you are doing ok, because I
asked Heavenly Father to make sure of it!

Til next week,

Elder Thatcher


Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, April 20, 2015 6:11 PM

This week has been interesting. My new companion is Elder Caceres from
peru. He has almost 6 months. So, Rosa did not get baptized as she
went traveling, we need to talk to her this week to see if she still
wants to get baptized. So we will see how that goes.

I have been super tired this week, have been working super hard to get
the area down. I dont have to much info for this week. We have
interviews with Prsident this thursday so I hope that is good. I am
not to sure why Elder Valencia got transferred last week. We were both
sad for that. Its crazy how much the family is growing!!! Happy
birthday to everyone!! Dad, caden, mabel!!! I think that is everyone
this month im not really sure, there are toooo many of you to keep
track of.... haha

I sent Caden a letter today!! Hope he gets it!!

Well i love you all!!! Bye!!!

Elder Thatcher


Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, April 13, 2015 2:38 PM

Well first of all mom!!! I got my package!! And you really know how to
fit and pack a package!!
So thanks for that. So something crazy is happening today! Elder
Valencia has emergency transfers and is leaving for huancayo, and im
getting a new companion today! Crazy!

So Rosa didnt get baptized cause she went traveling, but she is
getting baptized this saturday!
Also we had a zone meeting this past saturday that i really liked a
lot that was about applying the things in our mission now to become
better person after the mission!

Also on saturday we had a activity, show de talentos. And we acted a
sketch as missionaries, and i was just bad at english the whole time.

So ya not sure exactly who my new companion is but, hope its all good!!!

Love yall!!

Elder Thatcher


Posted by cameron and chelsea , Saturday, April 11, 2015 9:15 AM

Hola con todas!!!

I am freaked out a little bit... This is the last week of the
transfer!!! I dont have much to talk about. As i was traveling to
huancayo in the middle of my week and then we had interviews. So ya...
How is the family? How are things? We dont have any investigators
progresssing, so a little sad there... who knows maybe next tuesday i
will get transfered out of here. I dont like packing though.

Con muchos llamas, y mucho amor,

Elder Thatcher

Good week

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, April 6, 2015 10:25 AM

Hey everybody!!! And happy birthday to mabel and caden!! Cant believe
how fast time flies in the mission!!

This week was a good week. We had two new investigaadors that we
challenged for the 2nd of may and they accepted! This place is nothing
like Cerro de Pasco!! Then conference came and that was awesome! Yes,
i watched it all in spanish! But i understood everything! Saturday to
me was all about family and getting married...awkward... And then
priesthood made me think a lot about my mission and using my
priesthood power  worthily and for good. Sunday made me think a lot
about the easter season, and a lot about Jesus Christ, and about a
short video we show people here in peru called porque el vive, in
english it is probably called because he lives, i highly recommend
watching it as it is a favorite of mine. Anyways all good here in
ambo, we are going to huanuco to play soccer today! Although rainy
season is kicking in here in ambo. I love it here in ambo, but i miss
cerro de pasco. I had some great experiences there that i will never
forget, and made some friends that I will be friends with for a long
time... Oh i cant send pictures here in ambo. im sorry. The computers
are filled with viruses! Anyways i love yall a lot!!

Nos Vemos!!!

Elder Thatcher

P.S. My favorite talk was Elder Ukdorf on sunday about grace