Update - 12 weeks

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, August 25, 2014 1:58 PM

I got my package! I got it on Saturday! The assistants send them to our Zone leaders here in Huanuco! And by the way, one bag of beef jerkey is already gone! Literally! I cried when I opened it!! It is aweso me!! I love it so much!! My favorite part of it all was the pictures!! Dad.. When I get back, I will go ridi ng with you before I play Golf.. Seeing those pictures, just made me realize how awesome my family really is!! And that I was placed in it for a reason. I love seeing pictures of the kids! Dallin and Samuel are so cute! and they are so big!! Thanks mom and dad for everything!

I cant believe it has already been 12 weeks here in Peru, and I have finished my first transfer out in the field! Transfers are on Wednesday so we will see if I get a new Companion. I probably will because Elder Lopez has been here for 5 months already. So we will see. Last Monday was our multizone Conference with President and his wife! It was fun. Played Soccer. there was 80 missionaries there! 

So last saturday Elder Lopez and I had two Baptisms. Senida and Victor! They are in  the Hermanas area of our ward for the first three weeks of this transfer and then they moved into our area, so we taught them for a little bit. Elder Lopez baptized both of them. I dont really know them that well, because i have only taught them once but still! This saturday is the baptism of Yadith! I am so excited!! She is so prepared!

This Sunday, Hermono Gonzalo, walked to church!!! again!!! It was awesome! Also on Saturday I met this Guy named Luis, a contact on the street, and we coordinated a time to talk to him, and after he was just like, I know your church is the true Church of christ. So we told him about the baptism and said he could come and watch, and he asked if he could get baptized after!! hahah!!! We told him we would teach him and then get a date settled. He has a date for the 20th of september! Easy!! 

On wednesday I went on splits for a day with Elder Contrerras from Ecuador. He is one of my zone Leaders. He likes to bible bash . it is quite funny. 

My health is getting better. I just wish i knew what i was eating half the time... There is no flavor with anything i  eat!! I should of asked for like chick fil a sauce, or barbaque and teryaki sauce. Plain rice.... plain potatoes... that arent cooked.... plain meat....  this stuff i know what i am eating. But when we eat with members on sunday.. That is when i get to suprised with stuff that looks like mushed up alien eggs!!! FOR REAL!!! Hahaha, Well I love you guys so much! The weeks go by fast!!

Love Elder Thatcher

P.S. With Llamas haha :)

Hola family & friends!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Sunday, August 24, 2014 8:11 AM

que pasa calabaza!!!!! Hahah.. How are youuuuuu!? Haha I hope everyone is doing well! This week has been one of my greatest weeks and also one of the worst! It started on tuesday I got sick and that was rough because i have never felt that way ever before! But i was given a blessing Thursday by my stake president, and I kid you not, that night i was completely normal! Everything that was wrong with me was mejor!! I am so greatful for priesthood blessings!

So our contacting hasn`t been that great, and Hermana Luz hasnt been attending church so we have to push her baptism back until she has gone two more times. So our zone leaders are frustrated with us right now. Our numbers our terrible. But on saturday... my goodness, longest, hardest working day ever! We contacted 30 homes in the mountain region which took 4 hours. I was exhausted after that!! ( Good thing I had a cold Inca Kola!!! ) Then after that we had 4 lessons! It was so much work! Sooooo Sunday I was thinking it was only going to be me and Elder Lopez at church... NOPE!!! WE HAD 8 INVESTIGADORS COME TO CHURCH!!!! 8!!!!! My heart was just filled with joy watching they come to church!! And Hermano gonzalo, the man who lives like an hour away on the top of a Ginormous mountain and can barely walk came!!! I teared, not going to lie, i cant even imagine what it is like for him, his house.. well it really isnt even a house and he has a beautiful view from his house you can see over all the mountains, next time we backpack to his house I will take a picture! It takes us about 45 min to get to his house after we have all ready taken a taxi halfway up the mountain. Then the road stops and we have to hike. How he came to church... I have no clue, he has a terrible back and terrible pair of legs. Half of his left foot was cut off in an accident with a saw. We have only had 2 visits with him and one lesson, but he keeps telling us how he wants to be a member so badly! That baptism will be hard!! haha!! But he is so nice! And he knows Cacewan as well! 

After church we were suppose to go have cuy with a lady in our ward (Guinea Pig) because it was Huanaco independence day! But she was sick.. so we lucked out of that one!! But we didnt have anywhere to eat for lunch. But luckily there is a guy named Hermana Paul who just got back from his mission 3 years ago and he isnt married, and he has a lot of money... a lot!! He works for Toyota in Lima but he lives in Huanuco. He loves us! He wants to go to visits with us like every other night and he wants to buy us kfc and pizza hut! We have a mall here but missionaries arent allowed to go in, so he goes in and buys us food and we eat it at his house. So for lunch on sundayhe had bought 5 pizzas on saturday and then we just warmed them up on sunday! It was awesome!!!! Plus we had Inca Kola as well ( Obvio ). It was awesome!

Then after lunch we got a call.. Listen to this... this is just amazing.. So we get this call right? and it is this girl named Yadith. She is 21. 2 years ago she met with missionaries and then decided lds wasnt for her so she stopped, then on sunday she called us, We have never met or talked to her before and she called us and said Hey is this the missionaries? Can you come visit me? And I was just like uhhhhhh noooo, that is too weird, and this person probably wants to mug us! But we prayed about it and we decided to go and to be careful.We asked if we could talk to her outside her house, and she said it was fine. But all in all, she said she has been praying recently and she said that she needed to be baptized. She said the Gospel is true and she has repented of all her sins, and all she wants to do is be a member! So we taught her for a little bit and I asked her to get baptized on the 30th of August and she said yes!!! I got my first baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This week was so hard at first, and just when I wanted to say this is the worst it turns around and becomes one of the best weeks ever!!!! I am so grateful for this Gospel! Everything about it is just fantastic!!!! I realized even when I was sick... that i was given this trial to test my faith. I wanted to give up, i wanted to call it quits, I hated being sick.. But i testify to you this... That when you are given a hard trial, a hard time, the worst trial in your life... Never Give up!!!!!!! NEVER!! Because he is always there!! Always! He looked out for me the most when i needed him too, he answered my prayers, when i needed help, he helped me overcome this week.. But only when we keep pressing on with faith will he help us. Ben told me something before I left, when it is hard, just do it anyways. It will be hard, it will never be easy, because salvation was never easy for Christ! I love everyone! And I am so grateful for missionary work! Grateful for every person who has given time to serve the Lord! Thank you!! Jesus is awesome!! 

Love you all!!

With Llamas, 
Elder Thatcher

(p.s.) Thanks for the package mom! I should get it by next monday

New Address!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, August 4, 2014 11:05 AM

Elder Logan Thatcher's new address:
David Y. Henderson
Attn: Elder Logan Thatcher
Jiron Cusco Nro. 278 Huancayo Junin Peru

As always, you can email him at: logan.thatcher@myldsmail.net

Bonjour! I mean Hola...

Posted by cameron and chelsea , 11:00 AM

Thanks mom for sending me a package! I love P days, I get to hear all these wonderful stories about the family! Happy Birthday also! I was thinking about you on saturday!

I hope all is well! Lets see, the baptisms are not happening and we actually had to drop both of the kids. They didnt want anything to do with the church. It was really sad. But we have another baptism confirmed on the 23rd of August. I am super excited. Her name Is Luz and she has built up a lot of faith and comes to church with us every Sunday! It is amazing to see some ones faith build that fast. 

This week has been a lot of walking... tons of walking....all day.. it seems like.. My area is half in the town and half in the mountains. It can be rough walking up the mountains because it is so windy! I get dust all over me and i can hardly see! Some of the familys we teach up in the mountains is a life shocker for me. It really just lifts up my soul. So i walk into this little mud home basically, and its about the size of a bedroom and they just have all there stuff in this little room. It is a family of 4. So we go inside and they are just so nice, they let us sit down on rocks which is all they have. And the grandmother can hardly walk and she goes over and tries to wipe off the dust for us to sit down! It was so touching to me and i dont know but just talking about this family makes me realize how grateful i really am to have the family i have. The little kids were showing me there collection of potatoes.. those are the only toys they have.. They dont have beds, the sleep under corn stalks.. on the ground. This family is a less active family, and they live about 8 miles away from the church and about 3 miles from a road to get a taxi, and they walked all the way to church! I was just filled with so much love and excitement when i saw them walk in.

I had a miracle happen to me last thursday. So my companion and I hiked to a ladys house up on another mountain at about 6 at night. We went and taughtand by the time the lesson was over it was 7:30 and it was just absolutely dark. I could not see anything!! I couldnt even see Elder Lopez standing right in front of me. We had no idea where we were walking and to be honest we were panicing a lot because he didnt have any service on his phone, we coudnt hear any cars. all we could hear was sheep and llamas. So we knelt down and just asked for a small light that we could follow cause it was getting late. About 15 min later of just walking no where a lady on a bicycle came by with a small lantern in her bag and came by and told us we were going the wrong direction on the other side of the mountain!! We eventually got back to our apartment butr i was so scared thinking that we were lost for good. 
The Lord will answer your prayers if you are asking sincerly. (Alma 37:37).

So for luch yesterday we had arroz con leche which is rice with milk.. very interesting.. Oh and i ate corn on the cob.. yes even the cob we had to eat.. all of it.. talk about yuck!!! Last P day we had pizza which was awesome!! and this P day Elder Lopez and I are going to this place that sells american food! I am excited! Usually we go to a store and buy stuff like food and snacks then we play soccer with other Elders! It is fun! 

Friday we did service for our Zone leaders, we had to move there stuff to a different room. It was a lot too.. So they thought the room was only two blocks away.. ya nooo it was eight.. Nothing better than watching elders carry furniture down streets in the middle of a hot day! I was so tired after.. and had bruises every where. It lasted for 5 hours moving everything. After we all layed on the street drinking coke.. It was nice and reefreshing! I lovvvee Inka Cola, It is my favorite soda by far! It is better than Dr. Pepper.. It taste like cream soda mixed with bubble gum its soo good!

Sundays is just a lot of meetings, after church we have lunch with a member, then we have meeting with ward mission leader, then ward council, then meetings with the missionaries from both zones here in Huanaco. Then sleep.. They are long days.

I love everybody and will be thinking about you lots! Until Next week!

With many llamas and lots of Love,
Elder Thatcher

This is the family I live with. They are so funny! Familia Morales!!
with Elder Lopez

view from the mountains