One week left of transfer

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Friday, October 31, 2014 8:44 AM

One week left in this transfer!!! Thats crazy!!! Time is flying by
fast!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! I have some funny stories this

First of all... its super hot here, I cant takeit!! its like 40
degrees celcius!

Second of all I got a haircut this morning and i tried to tell her i
just wanted a trim but i guess she didnt understand me so she cut a
lot of it off... oh well...

Third of all... You will never even guess what I ate this week.....
You cant even guess, guarantee it.. Ready??     Cow heart..... It was
gross!!!! But i downed it down my throat with a lot of maracuya which
is my favorite juice here, so i didnt even gag... not even a little
bit... i took that cow heart like a man... And I am proud!! Haha

So this week has been hard, still looking for more people. We have
some possibles but they havent accepted dates yet.. Just no one is
coming to church.. the area is getting hard. I have knocked on every
door here in our area like twice. The only places i havent knocked is
all the way out passed the mountains. But the people out there dont
want to come to church. So its hard right now. And it doesnt help when
we are just walking everywhere in the heat... Oh well.. gotta keep on

Oh by the way apparently for christmas in able to talk to yall i have
to have a skype. I know its a ways a way, but someone has to make me a
skype then give me the info to log on..Thanks everyone.

Doctrine and covenants 50:24 That which is of God is light and he that
receiveth light and continueth in God receiveth more light and that
light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day

Just remember that if we continue in doing the small things, the
things that bring joy to us, the things that are of God, that we will
shine and show it unto other people, who may need that light more than
we do. You never know whos watching ya..

Love Elder Thatcher

P.S. Face your Fears, like always

Hermana Claudia!! Best Pension in the mission!!!
My pension!!! Shes awesomeeee!!!

Paul!!!! My favorite Peruvian!! He is sooo cool!!!!

ok... I spy time... See if you can find the face of Jesus!!!

this angel is pointing into the mountain of a face of jesus that was found in the mountain

kfc in the pension!!!! AHHHH YAAAAA!!!!


Posted by cameron and chelsea , Wednesday, October 29, 2014 7:27 PM

First of all I just want to say sorry for the email I sent last week. When I was writing the email I was kind of drugged up to begin with. I am better. I will have this scar for the rest of my life, so thats pretty sweet. Its smaller and its going away now. Im not in pain anymore. I still dont know what it was. I spray my sheets every other night, and i never see bugs in our room. Oh well, thats a story i will have for ever!! COOL

"Dont you realize I have had diarrhea since EASTERS!!!" Haha I love that quote... Thats Peru for ya hahah

So this week has been really cool. Rain is coming down hard every other day! Like a lot, and they dont have a draining system so it just floods... Its awesome. Just look at the photos. It was ridiculous. Sunday morning at like 4 i woke up because my bed started shaking!!! And im on the top bunk so I thought elder cook was shaking the bed. NOPE!! EARTHQUAKE!!!! AHHH!!!! It lasted for 4 minutes. It was awesome. It waspowerful! It broke some windows to my pensions house! I thought it was so cool.

Anyways, this past week we have been teaching a new investigator. His name is Edgar. And out of all the catholics and evangelists down here, he is Buhdist! Its pretty cool. He is 22 years old and he is just always happy!! Like always!! He cant frown! But he is super interested in the lessons. I just hope he comes to church on Sunday so we can give him a date for baptism!!

Love you all!! And Happy HALLOWEEN!!!

Elder Thatcher

Still here...

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, October 13, 2014 1:03 PM

This week has been interesting.. Elder Lopez got transfered to huancayo, and i am still here in primavera huanuco. My new companion is Elder Cook, from Idaho Falls. He has been out for 13 months and his spanish is really good. I dont know, I thought I was getting transfered out but I didnt. Thats ok!! 

So the scariest thing happened to elder cook and i on saturday!!! It was scary, and i dont know if what i said was right or not but its what the spirit told me.

Anyways... here we go... So we were contacting and it was getting really hot and we just wanted to go and teach some one new... so after knocking on doors for 2 hours finally these three sisters let us in to teach them!!! SWEET!! welll... no... not sweet.. haha. We started teaching them, and we were feeling the spirit so much!! Like we were almost done with all of lesson 1 and they were interested and they were asking questions!! It was awesome.. then when we were reading james 1:5, we here the door starting to open.. and there faces of the girls was just like... oh   dang...This tall,, talll big, big strong white guy came in the door!!! He was huge!!! His name was Gary, and he spoke english and Spanish.. and just in a really rude voice he said ¨well howdy, what are yall doing in my house?¨ And thats when the bible bash began!!! His name was gary, he was from tyler texas!!! He has a big red beard and red hair, and was wearing a country shirt and all. Apparently he was atheist in texas, and then his friend converted him to orthodox christianity. Then 20 years ago he moved to huanuco peru and he now owns his own church from his house. But man was he rude to us, he just interupted our lesson and the spirit, and said ¨lets talk boys¨!! I was scared.... terrified even.. He was asking us questions about how we were born in the church and that we shouldnt just jump off the bridge into a dark hole. He was just bombing us and tearing us apart about how we are wrong. He was like, you could take a swab test from any one of my daughters ( who are latina) and see that they have no trace to jerusalem. And that there arent any traces of people from that time, or there isnt any horses in the americas!! I was just like really!! Then he brought up ole joe smith about he discovered some mysterious plates in the woods.. that werent in hebrew but in egyptian, and that no one could translate that because they didnt have rosetta stone. Elder cook asked if he knew what faith was and he said yes that he has faith in christ, but just praying and ¨feeling an answer¨isnt good enough, he said faith has to have evidence. And then he was like ¨with your church it doesnt look like your faith is doing to well¨. He was just going on and on asking about where all my moms live and just rude hurtful things, and he was loud ( and big) and i was just scared. But then the spirit just manbifested and spoke like afterward i was just like wow... i really said that?!? Even elder cook was like woah elder... So what had happened was i was sitting in my chair the whole time while he was blasting on our faith and this is what i did ( my head was hurting so bad as if it was about to explode), I stood up, i looked him in the eye, ( i didnt yell but i was  bold and strong with what i said) AS MISSIONARIES AND REPRESENATIVES OF JESUS CHRIST WE ARE NOT JUMPING INTO A BLACK HOLE. WE DONT NEED SIGNS AND EVIDENCE TO HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE IN THIS. Then i said, YOU WANT EVIDENCE, HERE (i gave him a book of mormon) THERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE! (i then went on and said) YOU CALL YOURSELF A DISCIPLE OF CHRIST BUT ALL YOU ARE TRYING TO DO IS TEAR APART WHAT I KNOW TO BE TRUE AND MY FAITH. AS A REPRESENATIVE OF JESUS CHRIST I COMMAND YOU TO STOP AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE SAID TO US.Then he just froze and was silentt.. theni walked out side my head was just on fire! It hurt so much! I didnt even know what i had said.. i had to think about it that night. 

So family, friends... haha. There are people out there in the world that are trying to bring us down, but we have to keep getting stronger. ¨For I know that I am nothing, that I do not glory in myself, but that I glory in him, that i may be an instrument in the lords hands¨. Dad, mom... i want to thank you for teaching me this gospel, for making my testimony stronger. And for my brothers and for my family, and friends, for always being there for me when i need an example. I know for my self that this is true, that this IS the church of jesus christ.. this isnt my church, its his.. and i am going to do all i can to share it with others through the holy spirit. I love yall, and i hope that everyone is safe, i pray for all of yall everyday, for i know this life isnt easy... I spent my first 4 weeks in the field throwing up every night, getting no sleep, i know how it feels to feel like you have nothing going for you.. But i know im not alone out here, and for that reason im going to keep on doing all that i can everyday as hard as i can. When my body begs for rest I give myself this rallying cry ¨I knbow that my redeemer lives¨! I know it.

Elder Thatcher


last week of the transfer

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Tuesday, October 7, 2014 9:15 AM

Feliz Cumplianos!!!! Ashley y Devrie!! HAHA, yesterday we finally had time to make the cupcakes, so we made them, and after we sang happy birthday to ashley and devrie!! It was awesome!! The cupcakes were delicious!! I really enjoyed them. 

Well, tomorrow we have transfers, so maybe... just maybe I might be getting transfered out of Primavera (My ward). But maybe not, maybe Elder Lopez is leaving, he thinks he is leaving... he already packed all his bags and everything hahaha!!! Really not much that went on this week. The work was slow because the past week voting for the new president of peru has been going on, so everyone has been gone and went to lima. We didnt even have church on sunday, because for some reason we are watching conference this next sunday, kinda weird, but the law is on sundays, no church service during voting. So ya the work this past week has been slow. 

Ya.. so nothing much else, if you have questions about anything please ask...

Love, Elder Thatcher

P.S. We are allowed to have disney music now and i bought a usb so if molly or any of the kids want to send me some in an email i can download it onto that. Thanks!

last monday, hma claudia made hamburgers... it wasnt the same, but its better than the other food i have been eating!!!

Hermana Claudia ( my pensionista) and Josue (her son)

birthday cake getting smashed in my face when i wasn't looking hahaha


my view everyday. i live beneath where i am standing.

cupcakes with the sisters! 

Me, Silvia, Elder Lopez and Silvias boyfriend

Silvias baptism!!

my breakfast. cold raw bland potatoes. 

When i was on splits with my Zone Leader.... Just relaxin on my not comfy bed haha, it basically was a matress without anything inside it haha

Que tal todos

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Wednesday, October 1, 2014 11:13 AM

Well I feel amazing spiritually this past week. I got asked to baptize Silvia Rosales on Saturday. It has just been a huge process teaching her, because she has liked what we have been teaching her, only she hasnt felt that it has been true. So her baptism date was more of a goal. And the past week i was worried for her a lot!! But she called the morning of her baptism and my companion was on the phone and i was just praying so hard right there in that moment that everything was ok. And when he hung up he looked at me and i was scared and Elder Lopez just smiled and said.. we have a BAPTISM!!!! She asked me to baptize her. So that morning we called up some members and after two hours, i Baptized her..

After the baptism she shared her testimony that she felt like she wasnt suppose to be baptised... so saturday night at 1 she was crying and couldnt sleep, because something in her head was telling her no, dont get baptized, so she prayed and after her prayer the feeling went away.. And she was able to sleep, and she had a dream that i baptized her!!! When she said that... i was just like... wow...... I was speechless... I was just so happy, i dont know how to describe it!!! There were little kids in the room being noisy but when she shared her testimony, i couldnt hear any of them, or any person. i just felt like everything i knew to be true was testified even more that this is the true Church of Jesus Chist, That i WAS restored by Joseph smith, that we do have a living prophet with 12 apostoles. 

This past week Elder Lopez was in Huancayo, with all the other district leaders. President has made some new rules.. No more eating with members!!! We cant accept any prepared food from members except from our pension, ( I dont like any of the food, but the food from my pension doesnt make me sick!!) So thats new.... hahaha

Family... Friends... 
The mission is soooooo hard... sooo hard!!!! The hardest thing i have ever done.. and ive only been out for 4 months.... but there isnt any other place i would like to be other than here on my mission. Sorry, but I love this! The church is true, and i know it.... I know its true. I hope you share this with the members and with anyone.. Love You guys a tone!!

Elder Thatcher