Que tal todos

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Wednesday, October 1, 2014 11:13 AM

Well I feel amazing spiritually this past week. I got asked to baptize Silvia Rosales on Saturday. It has just been a huge process teaching her, because she has liked what we have been teaching her, only she hasnt felt that it has been true. So her baptism date was more of a goal. And the past week i was worried for her a lot!! But she called the morning of her baptism and my companion was on the phone and i was just praying so hard right there in that moment that everything was ok. And when he hung up he looked at me and i was scared and Elder Lopez just smiled and said.. we have a BAPTISM!!!! She asked me to baptize her. So that morning we called up some members and after two hours, i Baptized her..

After the baptism she shared her testimony that she felt like she wasnt suppose to be baptised... so saturday night at 1 she was crying and couldnt sleep, because something in her head was telling her no, dont get baptized, so she prayed and after her prayer the feeling went away.. And she was able to sleep, and she had a dream that i baptized her!!! When she said that... i was just like... wow...... I was speechless... I was just so happy, i dont know how to describe it!!! There were little kids in the room being noisy but when she shared her testimony, i couldnt hear any of them, or any person. i just felt like everything i knew to be true was testified even more that this is the true Church of Jesus Chist, That i WAS restored by Joseph smith, that we do have a living prophet with 12 apostoles. 

This past week Elder Lopez was in Huancayo, with all the other district leaders. President has made some new rules.. No more eating with members!!! We cant accept any prepared food from members except from our pension, ( I dont like any of the food, but the food from my pension doesnt make me sick!!) So thats new.... hahaha

Family... Friends... 
The mission is soooooo hard... sooo hard!!!! The hardest thing i have ever done.. and ive only been out for 4 months.... but there isnt any other place i would like to be other than here on my mission. Sorry, but I love this! The church is true, and i know it.... I know its true. I hope you share this with the members and with anyone.. Love You guys a tone!!

Elder Thatcher


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