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Hello family! Things are great! I only havetwo weeks left of this transfer!That is crazy to me! (sorry about the spacesinbetween words, the space bardoesnt really work) My companion left for Huancayotodayforadistrict leader training for three days, so I am with thezone leaders andElder Rodreguiz for 3 days. So this shall be fun. 

Thisweek wasthe beginning ofspring!! It rains like every day now, usually in the nights! I love it so much! I sleep so great in the nights now! It isnt really cold, inthe nights its cold, but its a perfect cold, in the day it is pretty hot. And dusty. 

So one cool experience I had thisweek. We were walking at like 7 at night down one of the mountains, and our appointment was canceled, and it is hard to contact at night so we didnt knowwhat to do. It was dark, then all ofasudden we see this taxi comedown the street and it stopped and the lady drivingitlokked at uswith aconfused look and she said, What church are yall? My companion looked atme and was like, lets get outof here, but idint want tobecause this lady lookedlikesomeoneI knew! So i contactedherandasked if we could come andteach her, so we went to her house, and she has 2 sons, and we went in andwe taught her.And i had deja vu! I hadseen the room we werein beforesome where but i just felt like this wasright like we needed to be here teaching her! We haveonly taught her oncebut she was so interested and wanted to learn more and shesaid she will come to church this sunday! I am so excited! 

Anyways all iswell here, sorry about the spacebar thingy. How is josh and his family, havent heard from them yet, heard from Ainsleys dad! He sent me a letter with some stickers that said NO FEAR! I love it! It is my new moto.. FACE YOUR FEARS!!!! It is the only way we cansharethis gospelif we just say to our selves that wehave to do this for our savior. So family... FACE YOUR FEARS!! Share the gospel with someone this week! And actually mean it! we always have opportunities, and if you feel like you dont, then pray for some! FACE YOUR FEARS!! Love everybody! Tell Bishopjones for me that the ward needs to FACE YOUR FEARS!!! With power too.. haha Love yall!!

Happy bird day cam bam!

Love Elder Thatcher

The rain!!!!

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