P-day hike to Ruins

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Tuesday, September 9, 2014 10:01 AM

Im sorry its a little late today, I dont usually email at this time. But anyways today we went way up in the mountains for P day today!! 3 hours away on a crazy Bus!!! That was just packed as usual. And we are leaning off the edge of the mountain!! It was so scary!! But we went to go see some ruins, and then the driver just got lost so we just went hiking anyways!! it was so cold!!! I basically felt like it was a waste of time.. But my goodness were we up there... We were so high in the air.. we were on a mountain.. on a mountain...  And people actually live up there!!!! But anyways thats what we did today.. it was hard and i couldnt breathe well but i made it to the top!! I was so happy!!

Anyways this week has been crazy.. I went to the clinic and they said I had a scratch in my ear so nothing bad, It is probably from all the dust in my area. So that is good, headaches are off and on, but whenever I do have one it is pretty bad, but once its over with I just forget about it and go back to work.

Friday our bathroom drain cloged up and just flooded our room so thats great.. We had to take everything out then clean everything. It is all ok right now.

Wednesday we had a reunion with our president and about 80 missionaries and President Uceda who is president over the area! He spoke with authority!! My goodness but it was with love too. He just loves this gospel so much and really stressed about how this is a new time in missionary work and that we need to be working with members every day for refrences. It is true it is hard contacting. I feel the more prepared someone is, is through refrences of the ward. This is a new era!!!!!!! FACE YOUR FEARS!!!!! Share the Gospel with friends!!! I was afraid of contacting because i dont like speaking all to much right now because i dont know much, but after i did it and contacted more It is coming easier!! FACE YOUR FEARS!!! share with others!!! Help the missionaries!! They need it more than ever!!

Anyways I am glad to hear from the family about everyone it sounds like everyone is doing good!! The boys are cuter than ever and so big!!! We have 3 more baptisms for the 20th. One is 10 year old girl that reminds me of molly. She doesnt have a mom and she just helps with her siblings for her dad all the time. Dont have too much time this p day because we got back late so I am sorry. I love everyone!!!

With love,
Elder Thatcher

Some houses on the mountain 

The view from the top!

Elder Inkley

This bird is so cool!!

 Look what I found!!! Kinda expensive 4 soles (around $1.50 in US)

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