Week 13

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Wednesday, September 3, 2014 11:05 AM

Dear Family,
It is good to see all these wonderful pictures and videos of everyone. I miss everyone and hope things are going well. 

News for thispast week.
We had transfers this past tuesday and I am stillhere in Primavera with my companion. Elder Rodreguiez from my group from the ccm got transfered to my zone! He ismy closest friend I have out in the mission, so now I will get to see him all the time! I am pretty excited.Time is going by fast, it has already been 3 months! This week we have just been working really hard and finding areas we havent contacted yet. our area is about 45 min wide by car (not including time walking up mountains) so it is a lot of hard work. But it is good. On thursday we took a scary small bus 30min into the mountains that was just jam packed with people. It was scary.. We were going into a forest part of the mountain. It was pretty cool. Pretty colorful birdseverywhere!! Bif exotic fruit on trees. Even monkeys in the trees!! It was awesome! Our area is huge!! All the members in the ward basically live in the city part of the area though, which is why we dont go to this area very much. It was really cool. You would be jealous mom. There is this weird big white fruit. I dont know what it is called, but it looks weird, its just white, and then when you open it up it looks like alien eggs. And you just suck it.Its really good and very sweet! 

Saturday!!! My first Baptism!!! I had to do it two times because the first time after I said it she didnt want to go all the way under and she flaied her legs out so she didnt go all the way under. So Second time!!!! hahaha she didnt want to go under, I had to force her under basically! But it was so great!! After the baptism she bore her testimony about how I helped her to know that this church is truethrough the stories i shareabout me and my family and through my testimony!! It was awesome! I will send Pictures.

Sunday was good. I cant eat with membersanymore on sunday because i have been getting sick from the food. So i only eat with my pension now. She is the bomb. She takes care of me so much. I really feel like its my really you mom, only brown.. She makes good food, and its clean, I never have a problem with what she makes. Sometimes I dont know what it is, but its good!! She knows me and what I can eat without getting sick, its pretty awesome. 

So on Sunday our pensions husband wanted to know what John trivolta hair looked like so i slicked my hair back. It was pretty funny. They loved it!

So yes i got everything in the package, i just ate a lot ofit already. No i havent made the cake yet. On a pday when it isjust companion p day i will make it! No the cold wheater stuff is not necessary here. I wear the sweaters at night, and then when we go to the mountains I wear the boots. Its great!! No need for the jacket yet. I doneed to buy some more atletic socks here though, those are best for day to day,not the gold toe, they are to thin, all the missionaries wear athletic socks. I can buy some today,no problem.

I have to go to a clinic thisweek only because the other day my ear started bleeding a ton and I dont know why. So president is sendingme to one this week. Dont know when. It is only for a check up. Love everyone!! How is school and work going for yall?? Hope it is ok!!

Love Elder Thatcher

her name is yhadith espinoza (21)

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