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Hello family! I am doing great! I feel healthy! I am happy! I feel blessed! Everything is just great right now! How is everyone?? I pray that yall are healthy too! I hope yall got to see all of the great pictures last week! I dont have pics really from this week as this week has just been crazy busy serving the Lord! We have been really pushing hard to find people who are prepared to listen to the gospel, and one of the many ways we can do that as missionaries and <I think is the best way is through members. The members are who we find people that they know and love and can share the gospel with and everything be fine. Meaning as after baptism they have a friend in the church and  are actively engaged in the church. So this is what we have been working on mainly this week.

My first convert has a calling now in the church and she is attending institutes and everything is just peachy with her right now. She is super strong in the church which just makes me feel great because there is a lot of less actives here right after baptism. This saturday we have a baptism with a returned missionaries girlfriend actually. She is all prepared and excited for her baptism. So we only have one baptism this week and its her, her name is Silvia Rosales, she is 31. Also the sister missionaries in our ward have a baptism this saturday so we are thinking about combining the two.

Selene (the 10 year old) and her father (she doesnt have a mother) are not getting baptized this saturday because some problems have come up. This is a super sad story, so bare with me. Selene is 10 and she has a younger brother named Luis (which is the same name as his father) he is 6. There father has been working really hard at his job to provide for there education and to provide food. The only have one key to there house which the owner of the house keeps. He wont give one to Luis (the father) because they are renting the room and he cant aford a room for his family to own. Luis works from 4 in the morning until 8 in the night every day. His kids go to school and then stay out in the streets until 8 because the owner of the room doesnt get off until 8 too. So the kids are just by themselves every day. out in the streets. So life is rough for them. And then 3 days ago there father, luis got layed off and now doesnt have work. He got layed off because he asked his boss if he could have 3 hours off on sundays to attend church. isnt that sad? he works a ton and hardly getspaid anyways. So when dont know when they will get baptized for they need to attend church more but the whole ward is helping us find them a new room, find him a new job. Everything will be ok, he said he was going to put all his faith in the lord in these trials!

Yesterday I gave a talk in spanish! About the doctrine of Christ! I was able to write out a 8 min talk and actually speak! How crazy is that!!!!

Yes mom i am fineee.. Our room is clean and fixed, no damage yet. I havent paid for socks yet because the only money i have is money for motos or taxis. But I need to pull some out today because i desperately need water and some chifles of something!! Also the bag we found in the room upstairs? Ya it broke.... Right now i am borrowing another elders bag but i need to find one soon because changes are in 3 weeks! Wow time is fast!!

Everything is great! I love yall!!!!

Love Elder Thatcher

this is what our taxis look like... they are so small and dangerous.. but cheap

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