Skyping during Christmas

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Wednesday, December 31, 2014 1:17 PM

Christmas Day the family was able to Skype together for an hour. It was so great being able to see Logan and hear his voice. He was also able to see his nieces and nephews - including 2 new nephews born while he has been in Peru. 

Post Christmas

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, December 29, 2014 4:50 PM

Well this week has been great to see all my family!! It was awesome to
turn it on and see all my nephews and nieces on the screen. Made my
day!! This week has been interesting... Not to much work.. Which is
sad because all of our investigators and basically everyone who has a
brain would leave Cerro de Pasco for the holidays. It didnt even feel
like Christmas here. So ya hardly anyone was here, so we visited
members.... which was a mistake... we ate soooooo much gross food...
Turkey, rice, and potatoes.... and fruit cake... and then this drink
called maka... sooooo gross.... I ate it all day... and the turkey is
boiled and dry.... Im not lying I threw up that night, and so did my
companion... just too much gross food.. The fruit cake is gross... i
ate 8 hugeeee pieces of it.... so gross... ( PLEASEEEE if anyone wants
to send food, go ahead haha) Luckily i didnt have to eat guinea pig,
so thats good...

Me and my companion are going to try to make tacos today, im sure its
going to be a fail, becasue all the ingredients are way off... We have
transfers tomorrow, so we will see what happens with me and Elder
Walker. Elder Kidd, my zone leader is getting transfered out of here
for sure because he has 6 months here ( what a trooper) so ya that is
usually the max you have in an area so we will see.

I loved seeing everyone, i really liked talking spanish with chris,
that was cool!! I will send some pics... Love yall!!!!

With love,
Elder Thatcher

Elder Kidd and I with the llamas!


apparently this looks like an elephant! 

Feliz Navidad!!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, December 22, 2014 4:45 PM

Feliz Navidad!!!

So... PATRICIA GOT MARRIED AND BAPTIZED!!!!!!!  It was awesome we did
everything on Saturday! It was wayyyyy cool!! Elder Walker Baptized
her and got his first baptism!! It was awesome!!!! It was a very
spiritual experience for us both! I will send pictures!

This past week has just been tiring! We went to Huanuco for our
Christmas conference! It was awesome! I had lasagna!! It was soooo
good!!!   So ya just travelimg and then the marriage and the baptism.
I have been good. Just tired haha. The transfer is almost over, so we
will see if i get a new companion or not. It was sooooo much warmer
going back to Huanuco, but you know, i missed Cerro .... weird..

Ya so skype will have to be at 5 on thursday, my time, 4 your time. Im
excited to see everyone! I will get an hour!

By the way i got my thermals! Thankyou!! So much warmer!!!

Yes I got my package and no my zone leaders didnt steal anything haha,
it was funnny, I like my zone leaders!!

See ya on Thursday!!!!

Love yall!!

Elder Thatcher


Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, December 8, 2014 12:56 PM

hello to all!!!!! It is cold right now as I am typing. Not much that
went on this week. Other than we have been working really hard with a
couple of our investigators! We have one date for the 4th of january
for a 15 year old boy named william, and also one for the 27 of
december for a 36 year old lady named patricia. But she still has to
get married first with the person she lives with. But the marriage
should be finished the 13!!! so it is really exciting right now!!! The
work is hard and cold her but Elder Walker and I are working our

I love my Zone here, my zone leaders are awesome and are helping me
out a lot!! Im learning a lot and having a lot of fun as well. They
said my package is in huancayo so i will get it this friday! Super
excited! All the food here gets super cold, so right when its fresh we
eat fast!!

It is crazy how fast transfers go, it is already coming to an end with
Elder Walker which is sad!! I hear Bridger is in Mexico!!! GO ELDER

Well Feliz Navidad to all!!!

With love,
Elder Thatcher

me and my companion, and my zone leaders hahaha!!!!! We are cool

So get this!!! We found a real golf course here in cerro!!! The
gringos made it when they used to be here!!!!!
GOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont really see how it is one, but it

Buenas dias

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Thursday, December 4, 2014 11:24 AM

Well Cerro is treating me real nice! Love it here more and more each
day. President emailed me and basically he didnt see my change going
that way but the Lord did. I dont exactly understand that but it is
ok. I love here anyways! For Thanksgiving elder walker and I went out
to eat with our zone leaders (who are awesome) to a really good
restaurant! Then after that, Elder Walker and i went and bought some
pie! It was really good!! Look at the pictures!

Anyways, I had my second district meeting on Tuesday, and I was able
to find the needs of my district and teach them according to that. The
Zone leaders went to Huancayo for a zone leaders conference and told
everyone how i am district leader. Apparently everyone knows about me
now, Even elders I dont know yet. The youngest district leader in our
mission had 11 months, now everyoneee knows about me. I just dont
understand why i am district leader right now. I was expecting to be
junior companion for another 6 to 7 months. But my zone leaders keep
telling me to not doubt president. I hope i understand it soon.

On wednesday I went on splits with my zone leader, Elder Kidd, he only
has like 3 months left on the mission. He is a super hard working
Elder, and just a great guy! I learned a lot from him.

So this week, I want to talk about faith. and hope. So right before I
came heere to Cerro de Pasco, my area was just barely opened up. So it
is a new area. And so far it has just been super hard finding people.
Because there isnt any members that live in our area. It is a fairly
poor area. And so on friday... Ya friday was rough.. We didnt teach
anyone alllll day.!!! Was the first time i havent taught someone
everyday. I was so sad. It reeeeally put a trial on my faith and hope
as well it did to Elder Walker. We didnt know what to do. We dont have
very many investigators and it is just really hard. So on saturday
elder walker and i decided to fast. Fast until we found someone who
was prepared to hear this gospel. We knocked, and contacted, and
knocked for 6 and a half hours, just contacting. We had 43 contacts
that day... And no one wanted to hear. We were about to go back to the
room, but Elder walker and I wanted to contact one more person. So we
knocked, and a 19 year old boy opened the door. And I just knew he
would let us teach him. AND HE DID!!! His name is Anderson. And he
just had so many questions!!! We gave him a Book of mormon and he was
excited to read it! He told us he wanted us to come back! The only
problem is he studies alllll week, so we can only teach him on
Sundays! It just goes to show you that if you can just put your trust
in the Lord and keep going and working with Faith that he will putt
someone in our paths! It has been a long week. But i am ready to work
even harder!!

On Sunday, I was asked to give a talk 5 min before sacrament meerting
about tithing. I was so nervous. But anyways!!!! My spanish!!!! It
just came to me! I didnt have to worry or anything!!! I am so suprised
how it is just coming to me all of a sudden!!!

So ya that is my week so far!!! Pretty good! I am thankful for my
family! I love Yall!!

With love
Elder Thatcher