Post Christmas

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, December 29, 2014 4:50 PM

Well this week has been great to see all my family!! It was awesome to
turn it on and see all my nephews and nieces on the screen. Made my
day!! This week has been interesting... Not to much work.. Which is
sad because all of our investigators and basically everyone who has a
brain would leave Cerro de Pasco for the holidays. It didnt even feel
like Christmas here. So ya hardly anyone was here, so we visited
members.... which was a mistake... we ate soooooo much gross food...
Turkey, rice, and potatoes.... and fruit cake... and then this drink
called maka... sooooo gross.... I ate it all day... and the turkey is
boiled and dry.... Im not lying I threw up that night, and so did my
companion... just too much gross food.. The fruit cake is gross... i
ate 8 hugeeee pieces of it.... so gross... ( PLEASEEEE if anyone wants
to send food, go ahead haha) Luckily i didnt have to eat guinea pig,
so thats good...

Me and my companion are going to try to make tacos today, im sure its
going to be a fail, becasue all the ingredients are way off... We have
transfers tomorrow, so we will see what happens with me and Elder
Walker. Elder Kidd, my zone leader is getting transfered out of here
for sure because he has 6 months here ( what a trooper) so ya that is
usually the max you have in an area so we will see.

I loved seeing everyone, i really liked talking spanish with chris,
that was cool!! I will send some pics... Love yall!!!!

With love,
Elder Thatcher

Elder Kidd and I with the llamas!


apparently this looks like an elephant! 

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