Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, December 8, 2014 12:56 PM

hello to all!!!!! It is cold right now as I am typing. Not much that
went on this week. Other than we have been working really hard with a
couple of our investigators! We have one date for the 4th of january
for a 15 year old boy named william, and also one for the 27 of
december for a 36 year old lady named patricia. But she still has to
get married first with the person she lives with. But the marriage
should be finished the 13!!! so it is really exciting right now!!! The
work is hard and cold her but Elder Walker and I are working our

I love my Zone here, my zone leaders are awesome and are helping me
out a lot!! Im learning a lot and having a lot of fun as well. They
said my package is in huancayo so i will get it this friday! Super
excited! All the food here gets super cold, so right when its fresh we
eat fast!!

It is crazy how fast transfers go, it is already coming to an end with
Elder Walker which is sad!! I hear Bridger is in Mexico!!! GO ELDER

Well Feliz Navidad to all!!!

With love,
Elder Thatcher

me and my companion, and my zone leaders hahaha!!!!! We are cool

So get this!!! We found a real golf course here in cerro!!! The
gringos made it when they used to be here!!!!!
GOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont really see how it is one, but it

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