Update - 12 weeks

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, August 25, 2014 1:58 PM

I got my package! I got it on Saturday! The assistants send them to our Zone leaders here in Huanuco! And by the way, one bag of beef jerkey is already gone! Literally! I cried when I opened it!! It is aweso me!! I love it so much!! My favorite part of it all was the pictures!! Dad.. When I get back, I will go ridi ng with you before I play Golf.. Seeing those pictures, just made me realize how awesome my family really is!! And that I was placed in it for a reason. I love seeing pictures of the kids! Dallin and Samuel are so cute! and they are so big!! Thanks mom and dad for everything!

I cant believe it has already been 12 weeks here in Peru, and I have finished my first transfer out in the field! Transfers are on Wednesday so we will see if I get a new Companion. I probably will because Elder Lopez has been here for 5 months already. So we will see. Last Monday was our multizone Conference with President and his wife! It was fun. Played Soccer. there was 80 missionaries there! 

So last saturday Elder Lopez and I had two Baptisms. Senida and Victor! They are in  the Hermanas area of our ward for the first three weeks of this transfer and then they moved into our area, so we taught them for a little bit. Elder Lopez baptized both of them. I dont really know them that well, because i have only taught them once but still! This saturday is the baptism of Yadith! I am so excited!! She is so prepared!

This Sunday, Hermono Gonzalo, walked to church!!! again!!! It was awesome! Also on Saturday I met this Guy named Luis, a contact on the street, and we coordinated a time to talk to him, and after he was just like, I know your church is the true Church of christ. So we told him about the baptism and said he could come and watch, and he asked if he could get baptized after!! hahah!!! We told him we would teach him and then get a date settled. He has a date for the 20th of september! Easy!! 

On wednesday I went on splits for a day with Elder Contrerras from Ecuador. He is one of my zone Leaders. He likes to bible bash . it is quite funny. 

My health is getting better. I just wish i knew what i was eating half the time... There is no flavor with anything i  eat!! I should of asked for like chick fil a sauce, or barbaque and teryaki sauce. Plain rice.... plain potatoes... that arent cooked.... plain meat....  this stuff i know what i am eating. But when we eat with members on sunday.. That is when i get to suprised with stuff that looks like mushed up alien eggs!!! FOR REAL!!! Hahaha, Well I love you guys so much! The weeks go by fast!!

Love Elder Thatcher

P.S. With Llamas haha :)

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