last week of the transfer

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Tuesday, October 7, 2014 9:15 AM

Feliz Cumplianos!!!! Ashley y Devrie!! HAHA, yesterday we finally had time to make the cupcakes, so we made them, and after we sang happy birthday to ashley and devrie!! It was awesome!! The cupcakes were delicious!! I really enjoyed them. 

Well, tomorrow we have transfers, so maybe... just maybe I might be getting transfered out of Primavera (My ward). But maybe not, maybe Elder Lopez is leaving, he thinks he is leaving... he already packed all his bags and everything hahaha!!! Really not much that went on this week. The work was slow because the past week voting for the new president of peru has been going on, so everyone has been gone and went to lima. We didnt even have church on sunday, because for some reason we are watching conference this next sunday, kinda weird, but the law is on sundays, no church service during voting. So ya the work this past week has been slow. 

Ya.. so nothing much else, if you have questions about anything please ask...

Love, Elder Thatcher

P.S. We are allowed to have disney music now and i bought a usb so if molly or any of the kids want to send me some in an email i can download it onto that. Thanks!

last monday, hma claudia made hamburgers... it wasnt the same, but its better than the other food i have been eating!!!

Hermana Claudia ( my pensionista) and Josue (her son)

birthday cake getting smashed in my face when i wasn't looking hahaha


my view everyday. i live beneath where i am standing.

cupcakes with the sisters! 

Me, Silvia, Elder Lopez and Silvias boyfriend

Silvias baptism!!

my breakfast. cold raw bland potatoes. 

When i was on splits with my Zone Leader.... Just relaxin on my not comfy bed haha, it basically was a matress without anything inside it haha

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