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First of all I just want to say sorry for the email I sent last week. When I was writing the email I was kind of drugged up to begin with. I am better. I will have this scar for the rest of my life, so thats pretty sweet. Its smaller and its going away now. Im not in pain anymore. I still dont know what it was. I spray my sheets every other night, and i never see bugs in our room. Oh well, thats a story i will have for ever!! COOL

"Dont you realize I have had diarrhea since EASTERS!!!" Haha I love that quote... Thats Peru for ya hahah

So this week has been really cool. Rain is coming down hard every other day! Like a lot, and they dont have a draining system so it just floods... Its awesome. Just look at the photos. It was ridiculous. Sunday morning at like 4 i woke up because my bed started shaking!!! And im on the top bunk so I thought elder cook was shaking the bed. NOPE!! EARTHQUAKE!!!! AHHH!!!! It lasted for 4 minutes. It was awesome. It waspowerful! It broke some windows to my pensions house! I thought it was so cool.

Anyways, this past week we have been teaching a new investigator. His name is Edgar. And out of all the catholics and evangelists down here, he is Buhdist! Its pretty cool. He is 22 years old and he is just always happy!! Like always!! He cant frown! But he is super interested in the lessons. I just hope he comes to church on Sunday so we can give him a date for baptism!!

Love you all!! And Happy HALLOWEEN!!!

Elder Thatcher

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