One week left of transfer

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Friday, October 31, 2014 8:44 AM

One week left in this transfer!!! Thats crazy!!! Time is flying by
fast!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! I have some funny stories this

First of all... its super hot here, I cant takeit!! its like 40
degrees celcius!

Second of all I got a haircut this morning and i tried to tell her i
just wanted a trim but i guess she didnt understand me so she cut a
lot of it off... oh well...

Third of all... You will never even guess what I ate this week.....
You cant even guess, guarantee it.. Ready??     Cow heart..... It was
gross!!!! But i downed it down my throat with a lot of maracuya which
is my favorite juice here, so i didnt even gag... not even a little
bit... i took that cow heart like a man... And I am proud!! Haha

So this week has been hard, still looking for more people. We have
some possibles but they havent accepted dates yet.. Just no one is
coming to church.. the area is getting hard. I have knocked on every
door here in our area like twice. The only places i havent knocked is
all the way out passed the mountains. But the people out there dont
want to come to church. So its hard right now. And it doesnt help when
we are just walking everywhere in the heat... Oh well.. gotta keep on

Oh by the way apparently for christmas in able to talk to yall i have
to have a skype. I know its a ways a way, but someone has to make me a
skype then give me the info to log on..Thanks everyone.

Doctrine and covenants 50:24 That which is of God is light and he that
receiveth light and continueth in God receiveth more light and that
light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day

Just remember that if we continue in doing the small things, the
things that bring joy to us, the things that are of God, that we will
shine and show it unto other people, who may need that light more than
we do. You never know whos watching ya..

Love Elder Thatcher

P.S. Face your Fears, like always

Hermana Claudia!! Best Pension in the mission!!!
My pension!!! Shes awesomeeee!!!

Paul!!!! My favorite Peruvian!! He is sooo cool!!!!

ok... I spy time... See if you can find the face of Jesus!!!

this angel is pointing into the mountain of a face of jesus that was found in the mountain

kfc in the pension!!!! AHHHH YAAAAA!!!!

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