It's November, already???

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, November 3, 2014 8:46 AM

Im not TRUNKY I promise ( trunky is a missionary word meaning whenever
you start talking about the states or your home, another missionary
will tell you that you are trunky!!!) TRUNKASO!"!! HAhaha I wont be
trunky until thanksgiving time until i remember all the good food we
eat.... That will be hard...

Anyways first of all, before i forget... I need stronger bug spray...
way stronger, I dont know where you will find that, but ya... second
of all.... im good on the peanut butter... they actually have it here
in a store called metros... so ya, none of that, third of all,
yesterday we had a conference with the 4 zones in huanuco and a zone
in cerro de pasco with president and his wife ( which is why i didnt
email yesterday) and too many missionaries were taking advantage of
the disney music with lyrics, so ya none of that anymore, it can only
be classical and instrumental.. as well if you can send me the music
of josh with his band, all that bluegrass, that would be nice, i can
listen to that type of stuff like instrumental bluegrass, just put it
on a flash drive, i have a speaker that reads usb. Also add any other
music.. i like guitar bluegrass instrumental, anything from the
church, ask the brothers and josh.. Just no disney with lyrics
anymore. I really just want food from the states.... anything... im
dying here......PLEASE.... NO MORE GUINEA PIG!!!! NO MORE
POTATOES!!!!! I want some flavor.. theres no flavor to anything accept
CAN GET THEM DOWN MY THROAT hahaha, the potatoes are just plain and
dry... and did i mention... NASTY!!!

So my companions name is Elder Cook, he is from Idaho falls and he has
13 months in the mission, there is only 2 more weeks in the
transfer... already.. thats soooo fast, and im like 99 percent sure im
leaving primavera. President made a joke to me yesterday and said I
hope texans like the cold... which means i will probably get sent to
huancayo or huancavelica or maybe even Cerro de Pasco... which is the
coldest part of the misiion, its the tallest city in the world, and
has the highest church building in the world....

Anyways, the work is getting slow, but its not bothering me too much,
we have had to drop investigators, for people just not wanting to come
to church.

This buhdist guy named Edgar taught me something that is actually
pretty cool. So he believes that when one is super busy and just
always doing things or always worrying about the future of the past
its because they arent thinking about the present. Its like golf
(yayayayay i know another analogy to golf)  dont worry about your last
shot (hmmm Cameron hahaha) just focus on the one you need to do in the
moment. Dont get upset about the past because in reality, you cant do
anything more but fix it. So edgar told me when i am upset about the
past of future to stop for 3 to 5 min and think about the next thing
personally i need to do.. and go on and do the next.. I think this is
super important with my duty as a missionary. I was called to serve
each day as hard as i could. Not worry about the weeks to come. Each
day is a sprint. Work as hard as i can for that one day. Ya its hard
to drop people... i just gotta keep looking and finding the people im
suppose to find. It aint easy... but i´ll tell you what it aint
imposible either.. I love this work and i love my friends and family
for supporting me. You know in school all i wanted to do is
golf....and right now all i want to do is serve.. I had friends ask me
before why i was leaving golf to go to peru, Isnt it hard to give up
something for two years... This is my answer, Yes it would be hard to
give up something for two years, but because i made this decision to
serve a mission when i was a kid while my brothers served it was a lot
easier. Yes its a sacrifice but i made the decision to serve a
longggggg time ago, therefore it was a lot easier..


Eldert Thatcher}}

P.S. That means ALL O YALL!! YA HEAR!!!

my zone! 

this guy bought us ice cream.... it was reaaallllyyy good

Paul bought us KFC for Halloween. he is the coolest guy ever!!! 

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