Week 24

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, November 17, 2014 12:56 PM

 Well I find out tomorrow if i am getting changed or not!! Pretty crazy
that I have almost been out for 6 months now. I dont know what it
is... but when im walking all day out in the hot sun im just like wow
this is really hard work, then when finally someone lets us in to
teach, and we teach them... I feel the spirit just testify to me that
this really is the lords work.. That this really is the true gospel
that can change lives. That allows people to live with there families
forever! You know... I have a pretty amazing family, if you just sit
down and think about it.... 5 crazy brothers, 5 sisters.... 12 nieces
and nephews who i absolutely love, and two parents who taught me how
to find the true gospel for myself... And did i mention that my family
is absolutely witty and funny and crazy... and they embarass me
allllll the time, and im stuck with them for eternity... and i wouldnt
want it any other way... All thanks to this gospel. I want the people
here to realize the blessings they can have from this gospel. It truly
is quite amazing if you just think about it. Just stop and think about
your family.

That is one thing thaat has helped me a lot. You know, being out here
has had some hard times... And that is just it!!!! When people in life
think about there problems it JUST CAUSES MORE PROBLEMS!!! If we out
weigh those problems with the blessings we have, i guarantee you the
blessings will outweigh all problems and trials.... GUARANTEED!! It
helps a lot!!

We have been teaching this family of 4 (Julio, Lilly, Piero, and
lilly), they are pretty rich, but we have been teaching them the
gospel, and the plan of salvation. They are really stubborn catholics,
but we told them how with the plan of salvation they could be together
forever, and it caught there eyes.. <they were interested in that. If
we an just testify the truthfullness to families about the plan of
salvation that is centered around the restored gospel of jesus christ
it can testify to peoples hearts that this is the true church.. That
is what happened to me.. That is how i knew.

So in the ward, A girl named liz is leaving for ecuador on tuesday for
her mission, and they came over to our pension at night last monday to
do a farewell, so basically everyone was there, and asked me to bear
my testimony on a mission.
What i said was this, That before I always knew i would serve a
mission, because i made the decision to serve when i was a kid, and
that if i hadnt of done that that it would of been really hard for me
to of gone on my mission. Then i said that i hoped to of gone french
or english speaking, and that i told my mom i really didnt want to go
spanish speaking, i told the ward that i didnt want to go to peru, i
wanted france or the U.S. And they all moaned and said i was mean for
saying that, but what is important is where my father in heaven wanted
me to go, that was my calling. I dont want to be in any other place
right now than peru.

This is the place i am suppose to be, I know it.. When you are called
to serve by god wether its in a calling or a mission... Plan to do it,
because he planned it specifically for you.. That goes for all
callings in the ward... plan to do it and face your fears... Last week
i told yall i ate a cow heart, Think i was terrified of eating
that!!!! YES!!!!  But i did it,, and know i am blessed, why? because
my pension has been making me american food, she made french toast,
pancakes, philly cheese steak sandwiches, tacos, hot dogs, french
fries. Its awesome!! and tonight she is buying fried chicken!!! All
because she said how proud she was that i ate that heart!!

So what im trying to say is, plan to do things you dont like, you
never know what outcome or blessings you will recieve!

I love you all, thanks for everything, i will inform yall where i will
be if i get transfered tomorrow!

With love,
Elder Thatcher


Me and my buddy Elder Rodreguiz!!!!!!

A kid in the ward gave me this hat!!! I'm going flat bill!!!!!!!! I'm going flat bill!!!! 

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