Good week

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, April 6, 2015 10:25 AM

Hey everybody!!! And happy birthday to mabel and caden!! Cant believe
how fast time flies in the mission!!

This week was a good week. We had two new investigaadors that we
challenged for the 2nd of may and they accepted! This place is nothing
like Cerro de Pasco!! Then conference came and that was awesome! Yes,
i watched it all in spanish! But i understood everything! Saturday to
me was all about family and getting married...awkward... And then
priesthood made me think a lot about my mission and using my
priesthood power  worthily and for good. Sunday made me think a lot
about the easter season, and a lot about Jesus Christ, and about a
short video we show people here in peru called porque el vive, in
english it is probably called because he lives, i highly recommend
watching it as it is a favorite of mine. Anyways all good here in
ambo, we are going to huanuco to play soccer today! Although rainy
season is kicking in here in ambo. I love it here in ambo, but i miss
cerro de pasco. I had some great experiences there that i will never
forget, and made some friends that I will be friends with for a long
time... Oh i cant send pictures here in ambo. im sorry. The computers
are filled with viruses! Anyways i love yall a lot!!

Nos Vemos!!!

Elder Thatcher

P.S. My favorite talk was Elder Ukdorf on sunday about grace

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