Immmmmm backkkkk!!!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, March 30, 2015 1:18 PM

Hey guys!!!! Well, I got transfered... Which is sad... I really miss
Cerro de Pasco... A lot!! Im in the zone Amarillis which is back in
Huanuco.... But I am in Ambo.. Which is my new area.. It is about 45
min outside of Huanuco. It is a small city. But i really like it! I
miss Elder Scriener and Elder Christensen, They are great missionaries
and great friends! But i am excited for my time I will have here in
Ambo. It is just so hot! I miss the cold! I am here with Elder
Valencia, he is from Columbia, and he has just a little over 3 months
in the mission. Also, im not district leader anymore, which is fine.
Im just super excited for the work here in ambo. We have 7 people that
we have challenged this past week and they have accepted! One is
Hermana Rosa who is a cholita. Super old. But she accepted for the
11th of april. So we are excited. Also we have a family who accepted
for the 25, but we arent too sure if we will be able to get baptized
this date, they will probably have to wait til may, as they have
problems in the family and with there house. We also have some solid
investigators that we can put with date this week!

In the ward, they usually get 70 members or so. This week in church
someone got confirmed and the bishop asked me to do it. I was suprised
as i have never confirmed someone before. And then i had to bless the
sacrament. Then give two blessings after.. Everyone just goes to the
elders, I feel like we do a lot on Sunday. In ward council the bishop
asks me for my opinion for everything.. I felt like i was running the

My pension is really good. I just eat the same thing for lunch and
dinner, which is a downside. But she cooks well. Our room is nice, its

So excited for conference nextt week. We will be able to watchit so im excited.

Well thats all for this week!!

Love yalll!!!

Elder Thatcher

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