Transfer is almost over?????? What!???

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, March 16, 2015 11:16 AM

This is the last week, and if i get transfered i will be really sad...
We finally got some strong investigators that we are close to putting
with date, so that is sad. So wednesday until now I have been sick and
i still am sick with a pretty high fever, and my district is just all
sick.. The sisters are sick, my companion is sick, the zone leaders
had to go to huancayo because Elder Chapeton had to get his appindix
removed, so all in all this week has just been sick week... good news
is i am starting to feel better. The zone leaders wont come back until
wedesday. I love all of yall and I know this next week will be a great
one!!! By the way, mom and dad... if yall happen to go to lamberts
which i know yall will, you should definetly send some photos of the
food, what its like inside and a video of the guy throwing rolls, my
companion is super interested and would like to see!!!! Thanks

Elder Thatcher

Me and my amor

Me in my area CERRO DE PASCO!!! WHOOOOOO!!!

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