!Estos poderisimos!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, March 2, 2015 9:44 AM

Commo estamos?? This past week, has been a great week. The best week i
have had teaching wise in cerro! So we start off a little slow by
contacting houses, which was very slow, and this one lady answered a
house, and straight up told us no.. so i was sad, and i decided to ask
if there was anyone else who might be interested, which every time i
ask that they say no... but she said yes! She didnt want to hear us
but her mom did apparently! Her mom always has wanted to listen to
those gringo missionaries! Crazy! I got a reference from a contact!!
we have taught her two times now. Her name is norma and she lives in
the highest house in cerro, i will show yall a pic of how highn it
is!! Crazy huh? We are about to rescue a lady who is less active named
isabel, she just needs an interview and then that will be my first
rescue of my mission!

ok... so yesterday!!! Scariest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!! BIG
DOG!!!!!!!!!!!! there was this dog in this yard that had a huge wall,
well this dog hates the missionaries due to past missionaries. he
heard our voices, broke his chain.. and jumped over thee wall!!! Elder
Schreiner and i bolted down the street! He was huge!!!!!! we ran so
fast, he almost bit me!!!! So i threw my water bottle at him and he
just kept coming!!! we probably ran 7 o 8 blocks til finally he
stopped!!! So scary!"!!!!!!

So it rained from thursday straight until sunday... did not stop
raining! and my umbrella is still not working.

So yesterday was Elder Chapeton ( my zone leader) birthday! so we had
a meeting with our ward mission leader and after we suprised him with
a cake! Here in peru that have a really dumb tradition where they have
to smash there face in the cake before we eat some! I dont like that
because hey! I want some Cake!!!! Then after that everyone gets an egg
and smashs it on his head and then pours a bag of flour on his head!
its so messy! and i would hate that!!!

Anyways, that was our week, good week... we have some references that
have alot of potential this week. We will see how it goes!!

Te amo mucho!!!!

Con muchos llamas y amor,

Elder Thatcher

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