News for week of Feb. 9-Feb 16

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Wednesday, February 18, 2015 9:47 AM

buenos dias mi familia y mis amigos!!!

Everything is going well here! We went to huanuco on monday for a
conference with president! It was good but we didnt know about it
until saturday!! So our p day is today! Well! Elder Schreiner and i
didnt get transfered! Cerro de pasco!!! Tierra de machos y no de
muchos!!!! Whats good!!! I am actually excited to stay here!! I dont
have to much time which is sad but i will send some photos of me at
the sign in cerro!! So i found out that our area is the highest area!!
in all of peru!!!! Cool huh?

Love yall, and thanks for the pictures!!! And yes mom that was me with
the money! love yall!!!

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