What's good???

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, February 9, 2015 9:32 AM

Hahaha, well this was an interesting week. The first couple of days
were slow, and then it picked up. We found a new investigator named
jon! He is 18 and he doesnt believe in God but says he wants to
believe and have a relationship with him! So thats good!!! It has been
really slow here and we are trying our very best but sometimes I just
feel like Cerro de Pasco is hitting me in the face like a bag of
bricks. It has hailed this whole week... My umbrella has holes in it
now so hopefully I can buy a new one!

Being here in Cerro de Pasco has been nothing but a testimony builder
to me... Yes... it is cold... yes it hails every day... yes we teach
about 3 lessons in total a week.. but something that i have realized
was, that i wasnt gonna be babied here in peru and baptize millions..
that just aint gonna happen. In my interview with president he told me
i was in one of the hardest areas in all of peru and they average 2
baptisms here a year.. That made me feel better that i wasnt just
failing here. But i think i was put here as a test of my faith. Yall
all probably know by now that it really has been a test of my faith.
But i aint gonna let it budge me. As district leader i have been able
to help find the needs of there investigators and really been able to
help them out! And I have seen the Lord bless me with the gift of
tounges as i have no problem speaking spanish, it just came to me
after diligent studying! And i only have 8 months! I know my spanish
isnt perfect however, so for that i am following that advice of my
brothers to study it every day! Ya know its super cold here, but i
feel like i just need to be grateful, because who knows if i will get
sent to la merced where you sweat in your sleep!!!

Soy, the hermanas in my district had a baptism so that was
good! But then right after my companion had to go to the clinic and
get a ingrown toe nail removed.... it was gross... so now he cant walk

 i gave a talk on missionary work. it was good. And then me
and my companion and the two zone leaders, (cause we are in the same
ward), sang quartet of called to serve (first verse spanish, second
english). I really enjoyed that. We sang dang good!!! hahaha

Transfers are and i feel like i still have time here in cerro
de pasco, there is some one here that i need to find.. And i will find

I love all my friends and family!!

Con mucho amor y muchos llamas,

Elder Thatcher

got the package!!! heck ya mom!!

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