Posted by cameron and chelsea , Sunday, February 1, 2015 12:03 PM

Well this week has been super hard. So on wednesday elder Schriener
and i fasted for 24 hours so we can find more people.... not until
friday were we able to find 3 new investigators. I hope this week they
can progress, they are 2 kids that are neighbors and then one of the
kids moms. I am pretty excited for this next week.

So president wasnt able to come do interviews, so i dont know when we
are going to do those. This wednesday i am going to huancayo to go to
a conference for all the district leaders in the mission. So i will
get good food and get to see lots of missionaries cause ive been stuck
in cerro, i will get to see elder lopez as well!! Then we get to play
soccer for 3 hours in a nice field, im excited!!

Well not too much went on, just cold here in cerro de pasco!! Love
yall so much!!

Cerro de pasco -Tierra de machos y no de muchos!!!!-

With love and lots of stinky llamas,

Elder Thatcher

Lots of llamas

elder larson in water!! haha he didnt see the water,

I'm cold 

Us in a cave 

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