Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, January 18, 2016 3:53 PM

Hey everyone!!! Well everything went well with the baptism and transfers! 

So on tuesday it rained all day in satipo, which isnt good because when it rains the water system shuts down which means there was no water to fill the font in church. I was upset because it was almost time to start at around 6:30, yet there was no water. So i just thought  the baptism wasnt gonna take place, but then the whole ward said vamos!!! Vamos al rio!!! Lets go to the river!!! So we all walked 30 minutes to the river, it was pitch black and I baptized him in the river!!! So cool huh!!!! I was so happy, it was a great night!!!

So on monday right after internet email time, President called me to ask if i would be a zone leader in huancayo, and that my companion would be Elder Bullock! I said sure. Elder Bullock was in Cerro when i was in Cerro! I am good friends with him.

Being Zone Leader is hard, i have to do a lot of stuff, but its not bad, i have 15 missionaries in my zone, its stressful, but im doing good, just sleeping even less now. I will most likely end my mission here, which is weird. We have a baptism this week of a 11 year old girl, who all her family are less actives, but are coming back to church.!° 

So everything good!!!


Elder Thatcher

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