What a week!!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, January 4, 2016 5:53 PM

This has been one of the most spiritual weeks I have had, and definetly one of the biggest testimony builders ever!!! So as you all know... I still havent baptized here in satipo! It has been really hard for me here, because we teach so many people, but I guess i was just getting prideful? or something would permit our ivestigators to get baptized, so thats where im at so far, and well, next tuesday there are transfers, and im most likely out of here, because i am finishing Elder Peterson's training. So a friend of mine, sent me an email a while back ago, about the mission and everything and about the purpose of missionaries, because i have been getting upset with myself for the lack of success in my mission. And I was truly grateful for that letter. This week, we have been working hard, trying hard not to get distracted in anything other than working. And we have this investigator named Yonathan, he is a guy that is about 22 years old, that has just had so many problems in his life. His wife and kid left him, his parents dont care for him, hes had a lot of problems. And we have been teaching him for awhile, and he has been coming to church every week recently, but didnt feel worthy for baptism, for all the things he did before.. These past two months... i have just kept praying for him, and well, me and my companion were about to give up on him because he didnt want to get baptized... but then I got this letter from my friend and i thought of what i was doing wrong, so that yonathan could get baptized. Was it something I was doing wrong? And I prayed again with my companion, and we asked how we could do better, so that yonathan could progress. And the answer was we werent treating him like a person, but more of a baptism.... Which is wrong.. We then started being more his friend and not pressuring him into baptism. Well, this week, he called us to visit him, and we went and he said he wanted me to baptize him, that he recieved his answer. Me and my companion were shocked!!! He is truly a great person. We gave him a baptism date for the 12th, transfers are on the 13th. He is ready, and im glad God answered our persistent prayers for him. Its not about baptisms as i have learned, its about these people... its about caring for them, loving them, working for THEM! Doing everything we can to show that they are children of God just like us. Thats our purpose, that i learned from my friends letter, its not about the baptism, its about working, following the rules, the commandments, showing the love!!! Yonathan is a great guy and friend, i talk to him daily even though we dont have lessons daily, because he is now my friend, and thats what my father wants, for us to be our brothers keeper. Miracles do happen!!! If we put our part. That means mentally as well! Striving to follow Christ in every aspect possible, im a huge believer in following the example of Christ, as yall can see in some of my last letters, i have been striving and studying hard to find these attributes of christ to help me be better. They are there in the scriptures!

I am pleased to here there is a new ward now in the stake, congragulations dad on all the hard work you have put in the stake. I still havent gotten my package... thats sad, but it is what it is, I have faith it will show up eventually! I love yall!!! The photos are me and my district and then, the huge photo the elders bought me for christmas!!! Pretty funny huh!??

Love yall

Elder Thatcher

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