Puro Paneton!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, December 28, 2015 11:43 AM

It was great to be able to see you guys!!! I am sorry there was some internet problems! Thats how it is here in satipo!! It can be slow! And right now it doesnt want to let me send photos. The struggle is real here in satipo sometimes. Sorry.. we missionaries in the Peru Huancayo Mission, havent upgraded to ipads and iphones yet.... Haha. Wow!!! That is so scary that a tornado hit!!! I cant believe that!!! I hope everything is ok! 

Soooo. The question is what did everybody do for christmas for some one else??? No one said much.. This whole week has been crazy with me and my companion!! We bought 5 boxes!!! of panetones!!! And this whole week we have been handing them out to people! It has been a great week!!! We handed some out to the homeless, to the members, to investigators! To everybody!!! One of the best experiences we had was we went to give one to a member, and right after a homeless guy on the ground asked for food. And well, we had a whole paneton, so we gave it to him, and he started crying afterwards saying he had forgotten the last time he had eaten paneton. He said he wanted just a little bit, but we gave him all of it, and he was very grateful. He wanted to give us something in return. But he felt bad because he didnt have anything! He offered us one of his socks... we told him it was ok and that he could keep his socks.. hahah. It was a great experience for me to of witness. All the people outside on the street were watching us as two gringo missionaries were offering paneton to a homeless peruvian. It was quite humbling. Then on christmas morning the other two elders came to our room and we did a gift exchange. I bought the elders some nice ties and in return i recieved a poem book (which i really like), a snickers candy bar, and my favorite.... A lifesize photo of me holding that big boa snake!!!! Its hilarious!!!! They found a place that makes lifesize photos!!!! Its so funny!!!! It was truly a great christmas. And what beat it all was that i got to talk to my family!!! So all in all, great peruvian christmas!! Ya the food wasnt that great, and nothing im used to back home, but it certainly was enough for me. My pensionista is a great woman, who serves us evry day, i felt bad for her, as she was talking about how she wanted a nativity scene, but they cost too much to afford. I felt bad, a nativity scene isnt much. So i went and bought her one, as a thanks of her service! She was grateful, and she as well wanted to give me something in return but she couldnt. I told her that her food was enough. She is a sweet lady. 

So we have 4 people with baptism dates. But it doesnt look like any of them will get baptized any time soon, they still need time to progress. I hope they do progress though. I worry about them so much! It is weird, i worry about them more than i worry about my self. Which is a good thing i guess!! 

Ok new years is coming... which means.... NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!!!! My new years resolution is to do exercise everyday!! For at least 30 min or more, not including sundays! And then my other one, is to share my testimony every week with someone. And yes these goals are the same for when i go home!!! I think they are very manageable goal for me!! Think of your goals! And put them in a spot where you can see them every day!!!

Eight P's of accomplishment: Plan Purposefully, Prepare Prayerfully, Proceed Positively, Pursue Persistently.

There is a quote i like that says, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." So with that in mind make appropiate goals that will help yall progress as children  of God!!!

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