just keep swimming...

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, December 14, 2015 11:39 AM

Hello to all. Ya I wont lie, i teared a bit when I found out Grandma had passed away. I did. But then i felt a chill go through my spine, that made me feel like everything is ok. I am so grateful, and i cant describe it perfectly, but how grateful i am to feel so secure in this Gospel that Heavenly Father so lovingly has given to us. Grandma needed to be with Grandpa, He was waiting for his missionary companion.. Grandpa has just been on a split for a while, but now he has his companion, and I know that they are working hard right now. They arent wasting time. They are getting to work and preaching the Gospel, and that makes me so comforted to know that they are still setting an example for me, which now is a perfect example. I also felt very disturbed on tuesday of this past week. I was feeling weak, we werent having any luck at all on tuesday.. I just felt weak, as if someone was trying to hold me back, and i didnt know why!!!!!! I wasnt sick, nothing was wrong!!! I now know satan was trying hard on me to throw in the towel.. This week me and my companion had 31 lessons! Satipo record!! We found many new people! But tuesday, we only had one lesson... I had to work hard so those feelings would go away.. It wasnt easy, but with the help of my father in heaven i was able to keep on swimming! I want all you to know that I feel God's love for every one of us. I feel it, i know its there, and I cant DENY it, and I know that Heavenly Father knows it!!! I know that he wants the best for us and that he lives, He has a body of flesh and bones.. and he sent his beloved son, so that we.. one day.. as well can live as he lives and be perfect. He gave us our families for a reason, and that is what I want these people in Peru to realize, so that they know that they as well can return to live with him. In my mission I have learned many things, one of the biggest things i am trying to work on is to follow the example of Jesus Christ, the example he set, with  his Christ like attributes, I am studying them and trying to live them, especially in this time of season,  charity and love. I feel Gods love, so i must light another candle stick with the light that i already have!!

 This week will be busy for me, tomorrow i have a district leader conference in huancayo, and then on wednesday and thursday we have our christmas conference in La merced. And then I will be back in my area working on friday... It will be a long week! Let me know about skype for the next week! 

I love you all and you are all in my prayers, every one of you, i love you so much and i am grateful for your love as i am here on my mission, I love the kids, let them know that.. I pray for there guidance each day, and i again am so grateful to be able to know that i know grandpa and grandma are in a much better place, preaching the gospel, just like there grandkids!!! Its time to work hard these last months, and that is exactly what i have planned to do now. 

Elder Thatcher

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