Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, February 22, 2016 4:01 PM

Hey everyone!! This week was very tiring! We had dennis's baptism on saturday! Everything turned out well for that. 

I am super tired, but i learned some interesting things during my personal study this week. For some odd reason i decided to read the book of Ether. Mainly because i didnt understand the purpose of it before. Now I caught some cool things out of it. One, the brother of jared was highly favored by God, but why? He didnt even pray to god for four years, yet he says that his faith was perfect! So that is one, the next thing is about those boats they made, they had to of been made very well, which obviously means they were shown how to make them. But then something cool is, the brother of jared asks about how they will be able to breath, and Jesus tells him to make a whole... just easy like that. But then when he asks him about how they will have light, Jesus responds "well what do you want me to do so you have light"? Interesting. He required a little bit of thinking on the second question. I think its the same with us. we cant just always be asking for every thing so broadly. What is it that we want him to do half the time that we ask for things in our prayers. Maybe we arent being very specific to him, so why would he be specific back?

Thats what i learned so far in my study. This week we have transfers. but its pretty positive that im staying here. I love you guys!!!

Elder Thatcher

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