First week in the Peru MTC

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Thursday, June 12, 2014 1:48 PM

Sorry only "20 minutes this tuesday and then next tuesday at 2 i get an hour to talk so sorry. Its been really good here! There are only about 130 missionaries here. So its very small compared to other mtcs. Lets see, on wednesday i was pretty down and sad, just becaused I missed everyone... So ya it was a rough day, but I soon was able to feel the spirit later on that day. Thursday we did a lot of spanish, which is hard.. Friday we did a mix of teaching and spanish classes. Same on Saturday, then sunday was church and it was a long day.... I fell asleep periodically throughout the day.. But so far it has been good. Mi companero´s name is Elder Leonard. He is from colorado. He is way cool. Then in my room there is Elder Simper, Elder Rodreguiez (who is from utah and believe it or not speaks no spanish at all, its kinda funny cause he has a new jersey accent), then Elder Baka, who i knew from EFY which is kinda crazy!? and Elder Pakham (he is loud a lot). But all in all it has been a great experience so far. ...........The food....... its not that bad... but ya... no its pretty bad... its usually eggs and watered down yogurt for breakfast, then lunch is some type of chicken and rice with some sorta weird cooked potatoes, then for dinner... ya i dont even know what it is... its just meat rice and some type of weird soup.. One time I had a bowl of soup with chicken feet in it... wasnt that bad. Today is my Preparation day. We got to go to the temple which was a great experience. It was just rough getting there. They let us take a bus without any leaders and we just get on and get off it cost about 15 cents per person. But the people here are crazy... basically everyone just does what they want when they are driving.. it is soooo scary. But after the temple we got to go to a store and i got some snacks and some inca cola. it was pretty cool, but i just froze up every time people would talk to me in spanish because i have no idea what they are saying. The latinoes here love me since I play soccer with them during physical activity, they call me there favorite gringo since i am pretty good is what they say. Elder Sanchez is from bolivia, and he knows noo english but he is soo good at soccer, but one day his only pair of cargo shorts ripped so he didnt play after that anymore because he didnt have clothes, so i gave him a pair of basketball shorts to have so he can play.. I am pretty sure they are bridgers shorts anyways but oh well, he needed them more than me. and he was so grateful and got on his knees and started crying when i gave them to him.. it was really sweet but not necessary so i told him to stop crying and he did, it made my day to see how happy he was... he would wear them and strut around and say me is the collest soccer payer in de world in these a shors.. haha it was soo funny. It has been hard beening away from family , food, america in general.. and everyday i struggle through the lessons because teachers hardly speak english, but every day at 10:30 when i go to bed somehow i still have a smile on my face knowing that this is where i am supposed to be. I get to teach my first two investigators tomorrow in spanish.. it is gonna be sooo bad... but it is just practice.. we will see how it goes..

My schedule:
6:30 wake up and get ready
7 breakfast
8 Personal study
9 Study
10 teaching lessons
11online practice for spanish
12 lunch
1 companionship study usually
2 more spanish
3 Physical activity, i just play soccer with the latinoes, they help me with my spanish
5-7 teaching (like practice your teaching)
7 dinner
8 a class on the spirit
9 planning
9:30 get ready for bed
10:30 sleep

I miss my bed sooo much.. oh and yes i like Helaman 5:12. I am happy to hear from so many of yall.. its great, im just sorry about time wise.. The other day an elder from peru was leaving on his mission to go to Ecuador, and we all didnt know him that well because he was from peru and i have only been here a week, but right before we went to bed all the Elderes went out in the hall, all of us.. and we sang til we meet again in spanish.. it was such a great experience.. The commorodery was just amazing that night. we were all putting our arms around each other and singing with our hearts.. it was just amazing.. and ironically there was a party right outside the ccm and we could here there music so we tried to sing louder and we did... then eventually they lowered the music down to here what we were singing.. it was soo cool, Elder Leonard, mi compaƱero is from loveland and knows the Prices. Pretty cool. Tell Chris thanks for the verb book. it helps a lot.. its amazing. I dont have everyones email so i can only email back people who send me emails, and i cant send pictures all in one email i dont think.. but anyways.. my time is almost up... Adyos means goodbye but only to people you wont see again, so here they sat chaio...  Love everyone so much, and I am as healthy as can be!

With many llamas,
Elder Thatcher

Elder Leonard

Elder Baka

Elder Simper 

His MTC district 

Elder Rodriguez 

Driving to the temple 

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