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Well, I am proud to say that I got transfered from ambo finally and I got transfered to the promised land of the mission. I am in an area called Satipo!!! It is the jungle!!! It is super hot and humid, kinda like Texas eh? I am with an Elder named Elder Tolman. He is from northern Utah, a city called Hooper. Never heard of it?? But ya he is cool! He is from the same group as Elder Schreiner and Elder Walker! So now he is my third companion from that group! He is way cool!! His first name is also Logan!! Hahah. I am still District Leader, even though my district composes of me, my companion, and the two zone leaders. The zone leaders are also in the same ward as us in satipo, and they are both gringos as well. So four gringos sharing the same ward, and that is my district. Pretty cool, eh? Hhaahah. So i can do my district meetings in English now. It is super green here in satipo. It is everything i thought the jungle would be like and then some!! People live in tree houses!! Mangos and coconuts fall from the tree!!! Fruit everywhere!!! It is delicious!!! After every lesson we have people give us fruit that i have never even heard of!!! But it is super sweet and delicious!!! My favorite are the mandrains. So sweet! So ya that is what has been happening around here.

I miss ambo but in a weird way. My pension on the day i left was sad. And they apologized for acting the way that they did. I apoligized as well, and thanked them for there services to me. It was sad really to leave that day. Elder Cahpeton didnt care that much for them. I am sad as i fell that now that im not there Elder Chapeton will change the pension, which means they might go inactive. But we will see. I was sad to say goodbye to a couple friends in huanuco, like my old zone leader Elder Horsley and Elder Schreiner and Elder Cook. (Different Elder cook, not my old companion). But thats how transfers are. 

Im sweating a lot but I am loving the work! I am almost done with doctrine and covenants!! It is very interesting how the lord interacted with Joseph Smith about everything.

Love you all!

Til next week, 

Elder Thatcher
Saying goodbye to my convert Jordan.. he was super sad that i was leaving.

And then saying goodbye to Elder Chapeton

 And then saying goodbye to Elder Chapeton

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