hey everyone

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, August 17, 2015 2:10 PM

hey everyone!!! So this week was kinda weird. So story time. We were going to a visit and we had to cross a bridge. So when we were crossing we saw some 11 year old kids in the river. And we were like what are they doing. They got out of the water and came to us and said hey mormons!! Have yall seen a kid in the river?? We told them no, just we say them.. apparently a kid fainted in the river just barely before we got there. and they didnt find him until 2 days later... they found his body . and those kids told everyone that we saw the kid floating away and we didnt do anything to save him. But we never even saw the kid!!! So that happened this past week, and now everyone is accusing us for killing him.

But this week should be good! We have a baptism on friday. The little kid named wilder, and we are rescuing his family this week as well!!! YAY!!! 

Elder Thatcher

P.S. Look who i ran into!!!!!

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