Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, August 31, 2015 9:12 AM

Hey everyone!!! How is everyone doing!!! I cant believe school has started up! Yalls summer has gone!!! While i am still in my summer. I feel like yall think there are hot and warm seasons here.... false! There are only rain and dry season!! It is always summer here!! And in cerro de pasco it is always winter!!! Hahaha

So everything is fine... Im pretty sure this will be my last full week in ambo, so that is kinda sad, but at the same time i am ready for a new area! 

Last tuesday i went down to huancayo with my old comp, elder Schriener!!! And guess who we ran into!!! Elder Walker!!! My first companion when i was in cerro de pasco!! He was sooo skinny!!! I havent seen him in 8 months!!!

So that was good. The conference was good. We just talked about how to be better district leaders and when we take there numbers, and how to give meetings correctly. It was all good!! 

Well have fun starting school!!!!! Love yall!!!

dont worry about the chili, that will be too hard to send, just put stuff in there, im grateful for whatever!! Love yall!!!

Elder Thatcher

me in ambo!!!

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