King of the Jungle!!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, October 19, 2015 10:03 AM

Hey everybody!!! en primer lugar, I got my package!!!! It was amazing!!!! I ate it all... hahaha just kidding, there is still a little bit left! I love that tie by the way! Thanks mom! And the america flag socks.... classic!!

So this week was good! We started it off with last monday going to another waterfall called Tsomontonari!! It was beautiful!! I love God's Creations!!! Then on tuesday we were having trouble with finding people so we called a guy in our phone named moses, and we thought it was a less active guy that was member. We go to his address and everything, meet up with him, and find out it was a different moses who was an old investigator from last year!! So that was interesting. We taught him and he liked it and said he was interested again to listen. So that was nice. Then on saturday we had a ward activity. We watched Meet the Mormons with our ward! It was great!! We had our invetigator karina show up! She wants to get baptized so bad, but she cant, becaused she isnt married with her spouse, and he doesnt want to get married. She cant seperate with him either because she has no where to go? Any advice?? sHE IS A GREAT PERSON!! Whoops.. caps lock... awkward... anyways.. I gave a talk on saturday!! It was good, I talked about my boy ammon in the book of mormon, and about his missionary experience, about how with the Lords help he didnt even doubt, the only one that doubted him at first was his father! Who was the King!! How cool is that! And he just said, Daddy, i know its what i got to do, im not some kid who watches cartoons any more, haha, im going, and im going to go preach to those lamanites!!! Whats good! I love that story! Because he just handles the whole situation with calmness!!! 

Anyways that was my week! Sounds like all of yall are doing well, tell dallin, that his uncle says be careful!!!!!!! Haha, dad looks good on that horse still!! Josh looks tired! And chris... what is that animal doing on his face??? Haha, but nice blue shirt! And a good lookin family!!! Love yall!!!!!

Elder Thatcher

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