Just call me Daddy!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, October 26, 2015 10:03 AM

Well I am a dad now. Which means im training a greenie!! His name is Elder Peterson, from Payson, Utah!! Whats good!!! President called me last Monday, and asked me if I would train a new missionary. I said of course, and next morning I went to huancayo to go pick and meet my new companion! He doesnt know that much english but he is a great guy, and really wants to learn! So that is cool! Never trained before, but it is going well, staying obedient and working hard, helping him out with everything!!! 

So when i go to huancayo, i meet up with some other Elders that are training and I ran into my friend Elder Rodreguiz!! From my ccm group! I havent seen him since Cerro de Pasco days! So it was nice to catch up with him! As well I got to see Elder Valencia, my first companion when i was in Ambo!! Remember him? I was only with him for like 3 weeks, then he got emergency transfered? He is also training! So it was nice to catch up with those guys!! It was nice! As well as A sister missionary, named Hermana white? She is from Kaufman? She has like 8 months in the mission. It was my first time meeting her. She was also training, I enjoyed meeting her, because I found out she lives so close to me, and I didnt even know her? Pretty cool!

Anyways everything is going well here in satipo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it here!! So Karina, our investigator!!! She is moving out of her house at the end of november and leaving with her kids, and she said she wants to get baptized in december!!! And her daughter liz!!! So thats awesome!!! They are coming to church frequently now, and doing great, she is looking for her new house! So grateful she decided to leave this guy..!!!  

Quote that i really love is- "Believe in anything you want to believe in, but keep God at the top of it, with him life can be a beautiful experience, without him... well your just biting time!" -John Wayne  I love this quote because, John Wayne just basically tells us whats good! That we need to keep God at the top of everything! I shared it with Karina, and thats how she decided she needed to put God first, to direct the rest!! 

Well the internet was really slow today! Extremely slow! So sorry if i couldnt get to everyone!

I also ran into my boy Elder Walker in Huancayo!!! He is a zone leader down there, and i saw him!!! Love that guy! Good times in cerro de pasco with Elder Walker and Elder Schreiner, Speaking Of Elder Schreiner, he is now a zone leader as well!!!  So cool!

With much heat in the jungle,

Elder Thatcher

Me and my new companion

me and Elder Rodreguiz

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