like father like son right?? haha

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, November 2, 2015 10:05 AM

Me and my son are doing good haha! My companion calls me dad, its quite funny. We are doing good! More than anything im just trying to help him get spanish going for him, so he can share more of the lessons! 

So last monday we went to that zoo called ven y veras, so my companion could go see the animals!! It was super coll this time because i got to hold a wakamayo parrot! They are huge!!!! And very loud!!! And he keeps saying, "love is all you need" in a parrot voice, (my guess he says that is because the workers at the place, really like that song by the beatles, haha). Then we had some visits throughout the week. But our pension went to lima for the whole month because she needs several operations on her arm. which means chef thatcher is back in business, but only for breakfasts and dinners, for lunch we will go eat with the other elders. Which is fine! no more raw potatoes!!! YAY!!! Then on thursday i taught english class which was fun. it was hard but i liked it. On saturday we had ward mission night! It was super fun! We played musical chairs! Bobbing for apples, and an egg toss! It was fun to show everyone how to play fun yet so simple games that they have never even heard of!! So when we were doing bobbing for apples, i went against my companion, and when we started, elder roberts (my zone leader) came up from behind and pushed me in the water.... it was pretty clever, and i knew something like that was gonna happen!! haha, dont worry, i got him back when it was his turn!! haha

So karina our investigator is set and at the end of november is out of her house, and the weekend before christmas, her and her daughter are getting baptized!! YES!!! I remeber the first day we contacted her in the street, and just all the problems in the world, but she has truly shown her faith as a single mom, i say single mom because the person she lived with wasnt doing anything but cheating on her, and he was the one that was member of the church!!! 

So on the 11th we have a multizone meeting with the zones of satipo, la merced, and tarma. It should be good! Im excited to see some friends from other zones. We have to memorize 1 nephi 15:13 and 14, i already almost got it down, but in spanish of course! 

So i enjoyed looking at all the costumes!!! And i must agree with caden, that is the best way to wash the dishes haha. Here in peru they think halloween is of the devil... so everyone goes to the cementaries and pray to the dead, its quite weird. but its what they do here.... 

Anyways i love you all! Til next week!!

Elder Thatcher

Gallito de las rocas! Pretty bird, (I see you) National bird of peru!!!

A monkey pullin on my ear! hahaha!!!

me holding a wakamayo (all you need is love) haha

 Elder Peterson, me, Elder Bartschi, and Elder Roberts (true love) 

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