Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, November 30, 2015 9:27 AM

Hey guys!! This week has been a hard one.. I will just tell ya what happened. Hermana Karina is leaving Satipo! Her Ex husband came and found her room and where she works and was stalking her. She doesnt know what to do, so she is leaving for Lima this week or the next. It was really, really hard for me to accept the fact that she is leaving. I want the best for her... I know she will get baptized one day. I know she will live the gospel, I have never had confidence in any investigator like her. She is a great person, and even though I wont get to see her baptism, I know this is what is best for her, to get away from all her problems. It is sad but it is ok! So yesterday was hard as, I have a little cold right now. But dont worry I will get better. It rained all night last night! And hard! Its like a huge storm everytime it rains in the jungle! It made me remember Moms rain stick!!! It really does sound like it when it rains in the jungle mom!!!! How cool is that!!!! So ya, lots of rain, but it is still hot, it doesnt really cool down. It has been scorching hot recently. At the end of a day, im just drenched in nasty sweat... But I love it here, Satan tries to get me down, but I always am comforted to do what i know is right. I have been beyond obedient, yet there is always room for more... When I get a trial, I sometimes dont, know what to do.. What is the next step? Why is this happening to me? Last night I remember a quote by Elder Waddell, "The Lord doesn't burden us with trials, he blesses us with them". That quote made me realize sometimes the hardships I have as a missionary is because I need them. To be better. I truly know that that quote is true now, that i have seen it happen time and time again. Sometimes a good trial helps us gain our own crowns, "He who has no cross will have no crown". I know that to be true as a growing disciple of Christ. We need to humble ourselves to accept Heavenly fathers will, and not try to do it the way we think we can. 

So after all that pondering about what happened with us and Karina, we had to stay strong.. and last night a crazy miracle happened!!!! We were going home to go eat dinner... kinda bummed out about the week, and this 35 year old lady stopped us in the street... She told us that she was waiting for us... (It kinda creeped me out) But apparently she had listened to the missionaries in Lima, and she moved a while ago, and said she has been waiting for us to find her.. Kinda weird. But she said she wants to get baptized and how "Jesus" keeps telling her in her heart she needs to follow his teachings. So we pulled out an appointment for tonight, and we will see how that goes!!!

Love you all and hope you had a good thanksgiving!!!

P.S. We had a water balloon fight, just the three of us! Pretty fun!!!

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