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Buenas me llamo Elder Thatcher y el es Elder Peterson... (Slams door in face) Hahaha , the usual, naaa its all good up here in Satipo!!! Los cielos!!! We are enjoying it here. So let me think yall, past monday my boy and I went to a waterfall called siete caidas, which is 7 falls, there were 7 waterdalls! It was pretty cool!! Afterwards, we went and got some yummy ice cream! I hit 17 months on my mission, so that was pretty crazy! And actually very scary.. We taught Karina and her kids again, She told me to bring photos of my family, i told her i have a lot, so I brought them all, and she said that we all look like movie actors, hahaha. Everything is going ok with the ward, except the bishops wife will be giving birth this week, so Bishop wont be helping out the ward to much, which means nothing will get done, thats just how it is here in Peru. My companion, and I have been studying a lot and he is improving in his teaching which is a great sign. On sunday, i thaught a class that I really liked, it was about the existence of God or not. And it amazed me after I taught that class, the true testimony that i didnt even know i had that God really does exist. I never really doubted the existence of God my whole life, I guess I took it for gramted a lot, but teaching that class made me realize that it means a lot more than to just say God exists?! I hope yall can understand me, no es locura de mi parte ok! Hhaha But I truly believe there is an almighty God looking over us on this world, that there are so many people that go about living that there isnt a God. Most people I have found believe in God, but because of things that happen, forget willingly of his existence and say that there isnt a God. Which is contrary to there original thoughts and beliefs. So they did at one point believe. Its interesting to think about, but I am here to say that God loves each and every one of us!!

There is a poem I would like to share with yall, called Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.

Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain, good things and bad things, pleasure and pain. We cant have all sunshine but its certainly true, there is never a cloud that the sun doesnt shine through. So always remember whatever betide you, the power of God is always beside you, and if friends disappoint you and plans go astray and nothing works out in just the right way. And you feel you have failed in achieving your goal and that life wrongly placed you in an unfiling role, Take heart and stand tall and think who you are, For God is your father and no one can bar. Or keep you from reaching your desired success Or with hold the joy that is yours to psssess. For with God on your side it matters not who os working to keep lifes good things from you, For you need nothing more than Gods guidance and love to insure you the things that you are most worthy of. So trust in his wisdom and follow his ways and be not concerned with the worlds empty praise. But seek first his kingdom, and you will possess The worlds greatest riches which is true happiness.

I truly believe if we put God first and we work and strive to become his children we can overcome great and hard things. That doesnt make it easy, and it sure doesnt mean we wont have trials. "If we are intended for great purposes, we are expected to overcome great trials." -Alfred A. Montapert

I love you all!!!!! Til next week! Hope you enjoy the photos!!

With many creepy bugs and many exotic fruits,
Elder Thatcher

P.S. We have to work today! No p day!! But its ok because tomorrow we are traveling to La Merced for a multi zone P day in a place called pompamichi!!! I get to hold a big Boa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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