Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, November 23, 2015 9:25 AM

hey!! So everything good here in Satipo!! This was one of the hardest weeks ever, as my companion had to go to lima, to go get his visa, so i was alone without a companion! Also Elder Bartschi, one of the other elders here went back home to montana because he was having some head pains that were very serious. So his companion is also alone for one more week until transfers. Elder Peterson came back yesterday so im good now. It is just hard finding members to go with me all the time, so that way im not alone!! 

I am just super tired, i work so hard, and sometimes i fell so upset, because i work so hard, and feel im doing everything right, and then by time sunday.... no one shows up to church... Karina needs to get baptized but now she is a little scared because her daughter is scared for it. She is afraid she will be a bad member. She got her new room alone with her two kids, and she got a job.. but its sunday through friday from 8 in the morning til 8 at night.... it was the only job she could find.. We talked on saturday about the sabath day... hopefully she talks to her boss, she said she would... hope it will be ok... i challenged her for the 20th of december... she said she would pray about that day.... pleasee!!!!!! She is soooooo ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways for this week i read this quote that i really liked, "Mary had a little lamb, it grew to be a sheep, it joined the mormon church, then died for lack of sleep"  hahaha i think its funny, but its so true! we get tired all the time for working in this church, but its all worth it!!!

Well i love you all!!! Have a good Thanksgiving!!!! 

Elder Thatcher

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