Hey yall!!!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, March 21, 2016 4:04 PM

Howdy! This week was tiring! But i absolutely loved it!!! So we had p day!!! Soccer... always.. haha But i played good, we played with all the missionaries in huancayo!!! I scorred 3 times!!! Whats good!!! I think im getting better at soccer than golf. Then we had the multi zone conference...My last one... Sad... But it was really cool! We talk about my favorite talk, beware of pride!!! Such a good talk!!! Read it, learn it, love it. Thats all i got to say about that!! In the conference me and my companion were in charge of the game for everyone to play, we did a scripture chase, but with a kick to it, the companionships had to run to the other side of the room holding a balloon with out using your hands. and then they got to the other side of the room and had to find a scripture in the book of mormon before to go back! It was funny!!!! Everyone enjoyed it!!! 

This week is the last week of the transfer! Fast huh? Well i got a new camera!!! It cost me about 960 soles which is about 300 dollars, it is really nice! And i dont know how its so cheap!! Its called a canon t3. A elder told me those cost about 600 dollars back home, im not really sure, all i know is it takes great photos!!! I really like it.

About byu idaho... i have no idea, i cant remember all of the classes i took, and im not sure, Larson said he found some good apartments, i would ask him and contact him again, im not sure what i want to do... like i have an idea but not sure. 

Love you all!

Elder Thatcher

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