Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, March 14, 2016 4:03 PM

Hey guys!!! This was a good week! Elder Bullock and I finally found a bunch of new investigators!!! A Gold Mine!!!!! We found this place up in the mountain that were old investigators a while back! And they are interested now!!! Pretty cool!!! So it has been raining a ton recently. Pouring actually!! But it has been good! Today we only have time for internet, on thursday we are going to do a multizone p day and then friday a training. It is going to be really cool!! 

Sooo I have been really good in working hard! We got 25 lessons this week! The most me and Elder Bullock have ever gotten. But yesterday at church, one of the members reminded me i only had 7 more sundays in that ward... and that really freaked me out!!!! So it hasnt hit me until now, i have been trying to stay focused in what i need to be doing as zone leader and all that, so that way I could not remind myself that im almost done, i still feel like i have 8 or 9 months left, i dont feel old at all yet. But i have been working hard. 

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