another week gone

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, April 18, 2016 2:18 PM

What a week!!! I dont even feel like its time yet! Ive been working so hard!! We now have 5 people with a date! Zandalee whos date is now for next saturday! An old man named jirardo whos date is in may, and a lady as well named lucila as well in may! And then finally... Remember that baptism Elder Bullock and i had with that little girl a long time ago? her name was linda, well ever since then we have been working hard with her parents... but they always have told us no, to baptism, well after 4 hard months of working with them, and lots of prayer, they accepted a date... they will get baptized on the 29th of april!!! Im soooo happy!! I have been blessed to see there progress in these long months!! Im working hard! I aint quiting yet!!

We had our zone conference on tuesday, it was good, we talked about how to be a preach my gospel missionary! It was really good for me, because i realized i had a lot to do still, it motivated me big time while giving the training to the missionaries! On wednesday we went to Huancavelica to see how the area is doing there, and see how the missionaries are doing! It is always a pretty drive, as we go high up into the mountains!! It is really pretty. Then my companion had to get an mri on his knee, his knee isnt doing so good, as it is possible, i might get a new companion this week, which is very sad.. But we will see what happens. 

So mom, just to let you know i am giving a lot of things away, to people who need it more than I. just an fyi. Thanks for everything! Until next week!!

Love yall!
Elder Thatcher

1-me in my new sweater a lady in my area made for me
2-a plate of food called ceviche de pollo! sooo good!!
3-me in huancavelica haha
4-my companion and i on the road to huancavelica

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