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Well we had zone leader conferenceay and then interviews for our zone on saturday. First of Happy birthday to everyone!! hahaha, i still remember when i held caden at the hospital and thought how cool it was to have a buddy. Now he is a teenager?! White boy said what!?!? hahaha We have a member in our ward that says that in english when i talk to him hahaha. Zone Leader training was good. President talked about forgiveness! I liked it a lot. We ate calzones! It was sooooo good! And then Saturday we had interviews. It was awesome. It was my last one until i finish my mission. President says he is happy with me, and he expects good things from me when im home. Its been a good week. We will have a baptism the 23rd of this month! Her name is zandalee. It should be good im excited!! Love yall!! Oh and no mom, they arent perscription, they are resting and reading glasses. And i know the hair is thin... what do i do about it!!!! Either way bald or with hair... I will pull it off and look good, dont you worry mommy hahaha.

Love you,
Elder Thatcher

1st photo, me and Elder Rodreguiz and Elder baca (from the ccm group) Love those guys!!
2nd photo, me and my companion at Zone leader conference

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